ARAMBOL: Maria Mascarenhas is as far removed from the world of sharpshooters and gangsters, as the Goa police is from the truth. This seventy- year- old has been living in her village of Arambol for years used to a life of routine with the regular village feast the only excitement in her social calendar.
Today the Pernem police is threatening to put her behind bars for seven years for shielding a gangster. Exactly a week ago, her simple world got rudely embroiled with Mumbai’s dreaded gangland when the Mumbai Crime Branch swooped down on Goa and arrested, Maria’s “ tenant”, Sheikh Umaid- ur- Rehman Ishrat Hussain, one of gangster Chota Rajan sharpshooters.
Hussain, one of Chota Rajan’s trusted “ killers”, was involved in the murder of the driver cum body guard of Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar in Mumbai.  He fled immediately and moved to Arambol with his wife to escape the heat. Neither Arambol nor Maria were in the know of the Mumbai killing or the killer.
She probably still doesn’t but is being constantly harassed and mentally tortured.  Pernem police which has belatedly woken up to realise that a wanted gangster was living right under their noses for over a month, have turned their frustration on Maria.
It is learnt that a police sub inspector posted at Arambol outpost has been threatening the elderly woman to push her behind bars for seven years for allowing the ‘ tourists’ stay in the house without completing mandatory formalities of registering the presence of her tenants.
One of the locals near the Panchayat office at Arambol remarked “ The PSI screamed at her and said ‘ the media is making a tamasha’. You can call the media and not the police?” When local Press visited her in the interiors of Arambol, Maria reluctantly spoke, still in shock. She said that the police forced her to go and deposit the belongings of the gangster and his wife to the police station. Locals too confirmed that the police conducted no panchanama of the items. “ Mobile chargers, suitcases, bags, a mixer grinder, an iron and every small material belonging to the gangster’s family is with the Pernem police. On Sunday at about 1 am, we hired a taxi and deposited it at the police station,” said sources.
Moreover, the copy of the panchanama report made at the police station also does not have any signature of the witnesses. “ We were asked to come the next day to sign on the panchanama copy. We went to the police station and they asked us to come next time as they are busy in bandobast.
But till date there is no intimation from them,” said a neighbour. “ The Pernem police had come a day after the Mumbai Crime Branch’s raid. But they did not take interest.
It was only on Sunday, they forced the woman to deposit all the belongings at the police station,” said the source. Maria Mascarenhas, admits not to have taken the group of five ( Umaid, his wife and three others) seriously as they portrayed themselves as tourists from Mumbai.
“ They were not foreigners. The manner in which they came we took pity. The married woman ( gangster’s wife) said she is on medication and feeling better in the Goa environment,” said Mascarenhas.
The rooms, located on the first floor of the main house at the tourist place were rented out at Rs 20,000 for one month and the gangster’s family would purchase all the home materials every day except for the cylinder and gas stove, which was provided by the land lady.
For Maria, life, at least for some time now, may not be the same again. For no fault of hers except that she missed out on something that so many landlords in Goa do. – SR


N.Fernandes-London said...

I am slightly amused that the  Goa Police has asked this elderly Lady to go, and deposit the belongings of Sheikh Umaid- ur- Rehman Ishrat Hussain,Chotan Rajans gangster cum goonda to the Police station.

Isn`t this the duty of the Police to collect all the evidence they found & deposit it to the Police Station.

I understand the mistake this elderly Lady made.I am not sure of her or the actual or full circumstances.
Not much has been mentioned about her husband or children.
But I cannot fathom the stupidity of Goa Police.
Perhaps next time someone is murdered, they will will wait for the relatives of the murdered or the murderer to deposit the body for a panchanama /post mortem.

Additionally I do not think the Lady called the Press or media.
The incident is of interest to the media.So agaon I find the Police outburst exceptionally stupid.
It will be interesting to know the name of the PSI that attended this incident and treated Mrs Mascarenhas in such a way.

I also get the impression that Mumbai Police do not trust Goa Police.Who would?...Goans themselves don`t.
If Goa Police were made aware of this gangster in Pernem,they would first collect a good HAFTA,allowed the Gangster to escape and then state ,he is ran away or is absconding.
And by the way, The Home Minister Ravi Naik woud be fast asleep (which is now a 24 hours a day event), like a hibernating Hedgehog, and then wake up briefly and go back to sleep again after mouthing-off that Goa Police are professional.

I now feel that Mrs Mascarenhas will be treated  very badly, instead of  being given a ticking-off.She will be used as a scapegoat,to deviate all the bad press the Police have received recently, in the Press.

There are far more other out-of other state Gangsters in Goa currently.It is a Haven for them.
4 were recently caught in Cansaulim

Goa`s Politicians harbour a lot of them.Some of the Politicians too are actually gangsters.

Well known Goan gangsters are Mickky Pacheco,Babush Minseratte,Victoria Fernandes and Churchill & Joaquim Alemao.

They all are gamblers, which is one of the vices of Gangsters.
I am sure there are others

Neville said...

A golden opportunity for the police to pass the buck. Even if she had done the registration (it would be with false names, expect that from a gangster) the police would have been sitting on it. We know how efficient & resourceful they are in investigations.

Salvador Seraulim said...

Goa does not need to worry about outside gangsters we have our own gangsters masquerading as politicians,

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

This old frail Goan lady made a mistake in good faith. the Goan police deliberately make mistakes and are never reprimanded. So why harass the Old Frail Goan Lady? Goa Police Leave the OLD lady alone an clear up your own mess.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I agree with you Neville.
A fugitive "on the run", is highly unlikely to give out his Birth Name.It would be plain stupid to do so.
Goa Police are also well known to take action, after a Terrorist Crime is committed rather than before.

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