PONDA: Manoj Revonkar died of a massive heart attack, states the autopsy report of the man who collapsed and expired, after a finance company called in police alleging he had taken a loan by pledging fake gold.
On Wednesday morning, Revonkar went to Manappuram Finance office to pay interest on the loan of Rs 75,000 that he had taken from the company's office in Ponda. He had taken another gold loan amounting to Rs2 lakh from the Margao office of Manappuram Finance.
The company alleged that Revonkar had taken a loan by pledging fake gold at Ponda and Margao and called Ponda police. When the police reached the office, the authorities also stated that Revonkar had given a false residential address, claiming to be a resident of Margao, and sought to register a case against him.
Watching the developments, Revonkar, who was seated in a chair collapsed. He was immediately taken to the PHC, where he was declared brought dead. Police have registered the case as an unnatural death.  "The autopsy report states that he died of a massive heart attack. Revonkar's body has been handed over to his family, who have taken it to his native village in Karwar, to perform the final rites," a police official said. Police sources added that no complaint has been lodged by the finance company in the case, as of yet. – TNN


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