MARGAO: The district and sessions court on Friday granted conditional anticipatory bail to Yuri Ferrao and Herculan D'Costa, who were booked by the police for allegedly assaulting an Assistant Engineer of the Electricity Department on June 20 at Carmona.
The court has directed the duo to report to the investigation officer as and when required and refrain from tampering with any evidence in this case.
According to the police, the accused had assaulted the engineer, Alvito Fernandes, with kicks and blows. The incident occurred when the engineer was trying to restore power supply in the village.
Incidentally, Yuri Ferrao who assaulted the ED Engineer, Alvito, is the son of PWD Minister Churchill's uncle who runs the football team.
The people who know Alvito Fernandes personally, confirmed that Alvito is a nice gentle person who lives in almost poverty as he is not corrupt. He is from Fatorda living at Gonvli vaddo. His friends hope that this Yuri Ferrao too will be convicted like Mickey and demand to see that justice is done in this instance and not allow the culprits to go scott free like it happens in so many other cases in Goan Courts.
One person from the village, who did not want to be named, commented that the “Dadagiri” of Churchill family is now extended to his cousins, nephews and even wider.


renoir said...

With money automatically comes power and with Power comes authority. What we are seeing today is power in the wrong hands which is nothing but a disaster in happening. If one is to immature to handle the power the results are devastating, as we see today in  our governance. Hope our people we  will play their part in having the right people to power rather then have confrontations.

Salvador Seraulim said...

This family is well known for their dadagiri and Herculian is another of the crumb eaters. They think they can beat anyone and get away, There is a big question still answered, How hid their old man die,? if they have no feelings for their own kind how will they respect others?  It is only in Goa they get away with murder.

Afedupgoan said...

The history teaches us that every narkasur has been burnt alive.
My dear goans will you please standup and burn the present day narkasurs?


N.Fernandes-London said...

So yet again, another idiot and criminal of the Alemao`s, have shown their true colours.
As for Herculano, he is should not believe he is the reincarnation of the legendary HERCULES.

Yuri & Herculano are nothing more than arrogant Criminals.Their arrogance and dadagiri comes from the power & dominance that  illegal & corrupt money has given them.

The Churchills are probablty busy counting wads of Rupees ,placing them in sacks made of jute to look like bags of rice , and having them ready to bribe Alvito, to drop the case.I am quite positive , emissaries have been already sent to  placate & bribe Alvito.
I sincerly hope that Alivto , who I hear & also read, is a kind, gentle and genial person, does not accept this "BLOOD MONEY.

He should not accept it for 2 reasons, firstly on behalf of himself and also for the future safety of his colleagues, and secondly as a matterof ethics and principles.

Mickky Pacheco was recently,convicted of a similar offence and has been given a Jail Term.
His jail term is pending. on an outcome of his appeal. 

The Yuri and Herculano merry -go -round, on the  Court & judicial  system/ Circuit, must have already commenced.

No doubt the Chief of the Alemao Criminals & Man of the masses or looting Massacares, Churchill ,must have already started pulling strings with the varioius officials, who will be connected with this whole Case & saga.

Legal Eagles, like Anacleto Viegas & Radharao ,must be at play too, to either save Yuri or portray him as an innocent and deny Alvito of true Justice.doing the opposite will not please Churchill.

Valanka and Churchill , will certainly not be innagurating the start of the Court Proccess.They will probably sitting at home with Rosary Beads in hand.

But all Niz Goenkars hope & pray that true Justice will be served to Alvito.

As for Yuri and Herculano,they can look forward to displaying their arrogance & dadagiri in a Prison Cell in due course.Between the 2 forms of Imprisonment, SIMPLE or RIGIROUS,I would prefer the latter. 



D.JUSTIN said...

Chorchill  is a devil in disguise. The son of a bitch spoiled many Goans by encouraging them to make dadagiri for his own benefit. The son of a bitch should not forget that when you live with sword , you die with sword. The day is not far that Chorchill will die like  a dog on the streets, not forgetting his smuggler brother Alvernaz. God's justice is slow but sure.

N.Fernandes-London said...

All Dictators in the world ,thought they were invincible and untouchable.
Sadly many of them die in disgrace.
Perhaps you are correct, and Churchill will meet a similar fate.
Currently Churchill  rides on a Crest of a Wave, made of ill-gotten money.

dlp said...

It makes one really sick to look at him closely if you are with him. On the TV he looks like a bloated dead whale, but if you see him in person, very closely like I did a few days ago, Narkasur is nothing compared to this bas**rd. He is suffering from curses and just plays a game as if everything is alright with him. He cannot breathe properly, has to take pauses between words and shove his hands in his pockets because he does not want people to see them trembling. When he touches his hand to the microphone to make a show, the mic makes more noise than his coughing throat. The days of being the first one to speak Konkani in Parliament are over. It would have been better if he had spoken the language of Kariavaddo.

D.JUSTIN said...

You are absolutely right dlp , the pig of varca looks like grandfather of Narkasur. I know he trembles and is suffering from the curse of the people.Do you know, dlp, the pig is having illegal children without the knowledge of his wife. The piglet may know about her step brothers and sisters.

D.JUSTIN said...

You are absolutely right dlp , the pig of varca looks like grandfather of Narkasur. I know he trembles and is suffering from the curse of the people.Do you know, dlp, the pig is having illegal children without the knowledge of his wife. The piglet may know about her step brothers and sisters.

dlp said...


This Pig might have had illigal children when he looked like a hero and was throwing away money. But now, even though he is still throwing away money, a dying buffalo won't allow the pig to come near it. If his hands and half of the body trembles so much, imagine what his tool will do.

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