The most ugly crime in Kuwait repeatedly committed by some cruel Kuwaitis is the crime of ‘Maltreatment’ of their Maids. Maid beatings, Maid burnings and Maid killings are the constant happenings in Kuwait I have been hearing of and reading in the local media since over 3 decades now of my employment in Kuwait.
I fail to understand why and how these Kuwaitis can turn so beastly and sadistic towards their Maids who are many times a part and parcel of their households serving their employers to the best of their abilities and faithfulness. Before coming to Kuwait for employment while in Goa I was constantly hearing stories of maltreatment of Maids in Kuwait only by the Kuwaiti employers. After my coming to Kuwait I heard from primary sources how so many of our Goan Maids even our aged mothers, sisters, wives, unties and other relatives working in Kuwait as Maids have been maltreated physically and sexually.
I feel hurt to know that so many of our Goan Maids had to face these brutalities from some brute Kuwaitis who did not even have respect for their own religious teachings which forbid such cruel treatment to the maids. Goan Maids were the early Maids recruited in Kuwait and they have given best of their services to Kuwaitis and best of motherly love and affection to the Kuwaiti children who were brought up under these faithful Goan Maids. I fail to understand how these people praying five times a day and committing such brutal and humiliating crimes on their poor Maids.
How Kuwaitis burn the fingers of their maids
Maids are like Goats in front of their Kuwaiti bosses many of whom many times like butchers commit butchery on the poor Maids and these helpless Maids having no other choice like Goats meekly suffer these butcheries. I don’t think there is any Goan Maid now retired in Goa who has not faced brutality of her Kuwaiti employers either of males or of females or of their children in any inhuman manner such as physical assault, sexual assault or simple harassment on the job.
The Kuwaitis who maltreat their poor Maids are cowards. They can act as Lions in front of the Goats only. During their critical time which was sent to them by God, these Kuwaitis became cockroaches and at many times they were saved by their Maids only.
When I see Israeli Jews maltreating the poor and helpless Palestinian Arabs I curse these Jews but when I hear of Kuwaitis maltreating their poor Maids I have no words to express my anger. In this regard I can say only one thing, that is, Kuwaitis maltreating poor helpless
Maids is worst than Israeli Jews maltreating the poor helpless Arabs. I don’t understand what these Kuwaitis think of themselves when they employ Maids in their houses!! Are these Maids slaves to treat them in such a manner so as to abuse them physically? Is slavery still existing in this world and in Kuwait as well? Surely it looks like though not officially but unofficially.
The Human Rights activists not only in Kuwait but all around the globe must campaign hard against the atrocities committed on poor Maids in Kuwait by the uncivilised brute Kuwaitis.
Recently on 19th of this month a news item appeared in the local Arab Times showing how a Philippina Maid was physically brutalised by her Kuwaiti lady employer.
First the Kuwaiti lady employer started assaulting her Philippina Maid physically without any mercy and later on purely in a sadistic manner she “made her Maid to pour two cups of liquid bleach and a detergent powder into a small basin and allegedly asked her to use her bare hands to dip into the solution and clean the walls of the house”. Her Kuwaiti lady employer did not allow her to use gloves or sponge. Because of this both her hands were blistered and still her Kuwaiti lady employer asked her to go on and on and clean everything.


Afedupgoan said...

Mr A. Veronica, you have written a nice article on maid beating etc i fully support you views but Goans will be more great full to you if you please spare a little time to write an article on unfrly(unfatherly Newton) and all those sexy priests who do forbidden things.
thank you in advance


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