WELL DONE MR MICHAEL D’SOUZA by Freddy Agnelo Fernandes

Well done Mr. Michael D’Souza, Member Secretary, Goa-SEIAA. I wish all other bureaucrats had back bone like yours to stand against the illegalities and anomalies all over Goa. Raheja’s had it coming after flouting every rule and law in the book pertaining to the said project, that has been in the news more often than not and for all the wrong reasons at that.
It was the dynamic Orlando D’Silva who led the people of Carmona to fight against this illegal mega project in their village, and the fight has continued for almost five years despite threat to his life by the builder and his politician friend the PWD minister, for reasons best known has supported the builder inspite of opposition from the people.
The determined fight by Orlando and his people has finally worked a miracle and the illegalities in the project have been acknowledged by the bureaucrats. It is a small victory for Orlando and his people but victory none the less.
My congratulations to the Orlando and the other people involved in this fight and I am sure the prayers and good wishes of the people of Goa are with you all. Hope this small victory transcends in to a major conquest that will kick Raheja’s and others like them out of our beloved Goa.
I request Mr. Michael to investigate all the mega projects that are along the banks of the river Sal, for their sewerage discharge and I am sure more than 90% if not 100% of these projects will be found flouting the environmental directives.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Next objective will be to flush PWD Minister the "MAN of the MASSES" or MASSAGER OF MONEY, down the River Salalong with his lLieutenent Big Lips Valanka (the paper Advocate).

D.JUSTIN said...

It is a known fact that the fat arse pig of varca have taken loads of bribe from the CHOR RAHEJAS. The pig of varca tried all tricks to fool everyone as now the pig is facing dilemma. The pig has to return the bribe back or take a shot on his head as the Mumbai Mafia will will not suffer the loss.

Gobor said...

omigosh! what happened? Michael and Churchill were such chums.

dlp said...

One more "Omigosh!" Gobor! Who is Michael?? Suspense! Suspense!! Suspense!!! Let\s go back to N.Fernandes. Man of the Masses. Most ot the Goan Catholics kisses his feet becoz he goes to Mass everyday. That's what he says.

Biglips69 said...

Zogzogta titlem Bhangar Nuim - The Man of the Mess's proudly displays a image of the miraculousOur Lady of Valankinni in his office and big "Kont" or Rosary around his neck.

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