PANJIM: Three tourists from Haryana were injured in a violent altercation with local residents who retaliated after one of them fired gun shots in the air at Baga on Saturday. The locals acted well in defence of their locality and fellow Goans said Sudesh a Goan who was out for a picnic at Baga. 
Anjuna PI Manjunath Desai who is holding charge of Calangute police station said that five tourists holidaying in Goa, were on their way from Panjim to Baga by car. On the way, three of them stopped along the Baga bridge and began clicking photographs of some local residents without their consent.
This led to an argument between the angered locals and the three tourists. Finding themselves in a tight spot, one of them telephoned his friends who were in the car at the other end of the bridge.
The two rushed to help their friends and heated arguments ensued, even as the crowd increased in size. Fearing the angry crowd, who threatened to pelt stones at the tourists, one of them pulled out his revolver and fired it in the air apparently to frighten the locals, the police said. Before the locals could retaliate, the five drove away only to be chased by the locals. Even as the Haryana tourists drove fast through some narrow roads, they were ultimately caught by the locals. Fearing for their lives, the driver and the one who had fired the shots in the air, fled from the scene. The three others were attacked by the locals and their Haryana-registered car was also damaged, the police said.
When the police rushed to the spot, they discovered that the three tourists had sustained injuries. They were rushed to the Goa Medical College (GMC) and hospital. The police had not registered the case till midnight. An official from the Calangute police station said it would "take some time", adding that the three had been discharged from the hospital.


amchi goa said...

"when ur in rome...act like the romans" the same way..when ur in goa...act like the goan ppl do...If u think u own goa...then the goenkars will teach u what u need to learn!...

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hard to believe that Local Goan residents have become  "Tourist Attractions"?.Bizzare.
These 5 guys should have gone to Zurari  or Queeny Nagar , where the can see some of their own Harayana State folk or Ghanties  "Shit in the open".
Anyway, Goans have given them a good hammering as a lifetime souvenir to take back to Haryana.

Lance Dias said...

All you tourists learn from your fellows BIKNAKARs ! We Amche Goenkar will not keep quiet for whatever rubbish behaviour of evading privacy and clicking pics without concent and all other illicit acts you wish to do in Goa  .and there has been no update regarding the possesion of arms did the Police check if these people had the necessary liecence to hold the weapons?and arrest them of the violation of the Indian penal code ? and why wasn't a case registered against the Tourists for violation of the Arms Act or whatever provisions are there as per the law?What are they waiting for?

Clunha said...

Must be related to Kamat as he just tries to mislead Goans. The man had a gun alright but not the balls to shoot someone. It takes guts to pull the trigger on somebody. The scoundrels ran away frightened from a beating. Now the Gua Poohlice will say that they did it in self defence after taking a lot of money from these guys.

Afedupgoan said...

 well done Goenkars, the message should go all over india that they are no more welcome in our golden Goa,
more bashing up and more attacks on the ganthis who have already settled and do business and call themselves Goenkars is the need of the hour, we have to menhandle and threaten these ganthis, all of us who are working abroad need to keep the golden goa for ourselves and our children.

Rockson121 said...

Hehe show them that Goans have sauce in their balls

Emediavoice said...

"REVOLVER". Is it licensed to carry or license to shun the Goans. Where is TADA now? The local public has the right for expression and photography is not allowed without consent. Does this Punjabi assholes think Goans are cheaper than liquor. The locals made a mistake, they should have broken their legs first and then handed over to the lame duck police. Well done people of Baga.

dlp said...

These Indian ghanttis have infiltrated Goa to such an extent. Goa and Goans are a peaceful loving people and hence these Indian ghanttis don't like us and want to spoil our image. These ghanttis should be trashhed on the spot. Our Gua Police are also hand in glove with them for their personal gain. Viva to Ravi Naik's competent Goa police.

Gobor said...

I saw their fluffed up faces on TV. Neat job Baga boys, very courageous. Huge compliments from Saxttikars.
BTW  is this a repurcussion of the "DUM MARO DUM" message ?

N.Fernandes-London said...

I am not sure these Haryana Ghantis came to Goa as Tourists.
Tourists will not come with a Gun.
I feel there is something more sinister.They probably came to steal,rob or burgle.
Perhaps they came to rape.
I would not be surprised if the came over to carry out a supari.
However Goa Police being incompetent,will probably let them off for a small back-hander.

Gobor said...

Yeah and that goes for those who with all the money have chosen to settle in Goa  and want to impose your  way of stingy lifestyle upon Goans.
We are susegado because we choose to. Other says it with envy.

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