Reading through the Costa’s ground saga at Aquem my heart bleeds at the acrimony that’s displayed by our bureaucrats and authorities. The ruling dispensation of the Margao Municipal council has infact reduced the Aam Janata to mere fools and asses.
If a member of the Aam Janata files papers for the construction of a house, he is made to run from pillar to post for months and sometimes years, but the elite can get huge projects passed even on disputed land in a jiffy and why is that so ? The TPC owes an answer to the Aam Janata !
The objections over the project at Costa’s ground, have been pouring in for a long time and any regular reader of the Goan news papers could vouch that. A play ground, a place where the local lads passed their time, socializing and exercising for ages, even our CM acknowledged that he was fortunate enough to play on this particular ground in his childhood day. How can this ground that was a community centre for such a long time be just taken away from the young local population and be approved for a mega project without the approval of the locals ? How can our CM just look the other way when benefits of the locals are taken away and given to builders ? How can this be, the Government of the Aam Janata ?
The CO of MMC approves the project in just three days, it must be some kind of a record for efficiency of our bureaucratic regime and that to without the knowledge of the Chairperson and the Man behind the MMC, the CM himself. Are we Goans idiots to believe that the CO is a power grid by himself ? The MMC Chairperson has certainly done the Pontius Pilot acts but Madgaokar are not fools and are aware of the treachery. Support for the Aquem locals is pouring in from all sides. I hope the public out cry will overwhelm the petty greed of our bureaucratic babus and common sense prevails. Long live Peoples power !
I request all Goans and the NOG’s to support the Aquem residents in their fight against the corrupt nepotistic policies of the present bureaucratic regime of the Margao Municipal Council towards the builders and the elite.


Salvador Seraulim said...

People’s power is very important and we hope Goans will show Aquem residents, that they are with them in their fight against any projects coming up in their area.

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