PONDA: Coming down heavily on 'Deshi Bhasha' (Indian languages) supporters, home minister Ravi Naik warned those participating in the proposed bandh on June 6 to refrain from any goondaism.  Protesting the government's decision to allow grants to English medium primary schools in Goa, the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (literally translated to Indian languages protection forum) has called for a bandh on Monday.
Stating that in a democracy everyone has a right to put forth their say, Naik said that no person should be forced to close down a shop.  Stating that those who wish to support the strike could participate in it, Naik warned them against taking the law into their hands and threatening others.  He said that during other strikes, agitators had often been caught harassing common people by puncturing the tyres of their vehicles, etc.
He warned, "If anybody is found taking the law into their own hands and threatening or harassing people, the issue will be taken very seriously. We will not tolerate any kind of goondaism".
Appealing to the agitators to ensure a "peaceful" bandh on Monday, Naik said that he had held a meeting with a senior officer in Panaji on Sunday and discussed preventive measures to be taken in view of the strike. - TNN


Perdro Lopes said...

My GOA is nor India nor Bharat. It's only GOA, Goa was invaded on the 19th of December 1961, Robed and looted by the indians with Goan traitors. If India would not invade the Province of Portugal today we would be an independent state. With our own currency, our own Flag and our own language with out any Ghantties to boss over us or destroy our properties..

renoir said...

Can Ravi Naik Pass an order to have all Drug pedlers and  drug dealers in Goa to be dealt with the same order he has just passed against goondaism ? Its the govt of the day that is pushing the common men against the wall and this order should be passed by the public against our corrupt, criminal and ruthless govt we have in power.

D.JUSTIN said...

How can one goonda dictate other goondas.

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