PONDA: The Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik on Sunday urged the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) to observe the bandh peacefully and in a democratic manner without applying pressure tactics even though he added that the department is fully geared up to face them.
The BBSM has announced Goa bandh on June 6 in protest against the government decision which gave grant to the English accepting it as the medium of instruction at the primary level in schools along with Konkani and Marathi.
Addressing the media at Ponda, Mr Naik said: “Everybody has a right to voice his or her demand before the government. But it should be in a democratic set-up and nobody should take law in their hands. That will not be tolerated. Stern action will be taken against those who force others to partake in the bandh,” he added.
The Minister said that those who wish to take part in the bandh can do so in a democratic way without disturbing normal life. “I urge the BBSM to hold the bandh peacefully and not to give a chance to the police to take action against them for any indecent acts,” he appealed.
Mr Naik further disclosed that the Home department has made necessary arrangements to tackle any untoward incident during the bandh. “We have sufficient police force to act when needed. But still, I urge BBSM to hold it peacefully. Police will be compelled to take action if any incident of pelting of stones (on buses or private vehicles, school buses) happens and nobody will be spared,” Mr Naik said.
Mr Naik appealed to the people to bring to their notice if any person forces them to be part of the bandh. He held emergency meetings with senior police officials on Sunday morning. He maintained that due care will be taken of school children to see that they attend their classes on the first day of reopening of schools. – NT


Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falc√£o said...


does this moron understand of Law and Order?
Is a 'Bandh' constitutional way of protest when there is always a threat to
life, limb & property. What does he mean "Hold the bandh
If the Government had slightest legal acumen, it would have filed a petition in
the  High Court to Ban the Bandh and brought about mandatory injunction
against the organisers and political parties, if they did not want the
Administration to ban the Bandh.

sadly we have in Goa a government by the idiots and for the idiots.

honest and the just have to fend for themselves. The daily wages earner have to
go hungry today. An ‘Aam Aadmi’ government?

Government should be sued for the losses incurred to the exchequer and the
general public for allowing this bandh and employing thousands of CRPF & vehicles.

went fully prepared to cure a disease rather than preventing it.

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