PROMISES AND LIES by Willie Menino Severes, Majorda (Dubai)

Valanka Alemao, an aspirant to the Benaulim seat in the forthcoming assembly elections has said that plight of the Colva beach shocks her, and that cleaning up the beaches of South Goa are her priorities. – HERALD 22nd JUNE 2011
Even though she has just started her promise with inaugurating mobile public toilets, it would be a huge achievement for Valanka if she can achieve this long pending issue of the stinking creek in Colva, which even her father, has failed to do so during his present tenure as the PWD Minister.
She has further said that Goan youth should equip themselves with some degree or diploma so that they are qualified to find a place in the job market. But, is Ms. Alemao sure of getting the Goan youth jobs without paying any bribes or it is some security or watchman jobs she is talking about.
I hope this is not another election gimmick by any means. But, if Valanka fulfils what she has promised, then she has great chance to become the "Woman Of The Masses".  I Wish Her All the Best.


Emediavoice said...

Hey Willie your aspirant candidate has a golden beach, why is she dreaming of cleaning Goan Ghantis beaches? Her Pig will employ all the degree or diploma Goan youths for Khalasi or Butler job on P&0 Cruise liners. Churchill has lot of agents in the middle east to provide jobs for the Goan youth @ of 2 Lakhs rupees to work in Sewage's or in Gardens. And your fitting tribute to piglet Valanka should be better pronounced  "Women of the (delete M) Asses. Well written article Willie Cheers up! we loved it.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Anything coming out of the "Big LIPS of Valanka" must be taken with a "pinch of Varca salt".
She lives in the shadows of her father and so has inculcated his manner and methods of deceit.
I was amused, to read recently, that Churchill`s wife stated,when she stares at the "Brute" & pig she is married to,how big & wonderfil his heart is. What she failed to notice and probably conceals, is that the money he donates or gives is all stolen, obtained by deception or through crooked deals.
I am sure she will be aware of the sting operation where her brutish husband "MOGAL" Churchill was caught demanding a bribe.I am sure she has forgotten "Mogal" Churchills professionalism in SMUGGLING along with his brothers.
I can assure readers, that Valanka is no new age "do Good " Politician to be.
She has the same attitude  as her crooked father.
She is just starting on her journey to steal & loot from GOA & GOANS .
Lets pray her journey will be short. 

Diogo Fichardo said...

Our beaches of Goa were one of the cleanest that is "once upon a time”. One had to walk over the Colva creek and you would see small fishes in it. Now it has become a place for Hotel Garbage dumping area added with the discharge of human toilet waste. Being A PWD Minister the father should have cleaned the creek, Goan Beaches and other parts of Goa. Will the promise of the Daughter be “Like Father Like Daughter”?

Gobor said...

Goans also wouldn't want dirty b*tches  in Politics

Lance said...

Willie ! well written but then She has no right to Say that Goan Youth  have no degrees or diploma's to thier credit !

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Daughter should first try and clean her dirty pig father, father himself is full of dirty then how can she even think or dream of cleaning someones elses yard?.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Matthew Diniz,who owns Kentuckee Restaurant, located just by the Creek is one of the offenders & polluters of this creek.
It is surprising his buddy Mickky Pacheco has never taken interest in cleaning the Creek.
This creek is a disgrace to Goa and outs us to shame in a civilised world.
The Goa Tourism dept,recently promised to clean it .Valkanka, as usual made her presence at this inspection.
along with the MInister of Tourism.The Pig  & Brute of Varca was also present.To date there has been no action taken.
This must indicate that Big Lip Valanka did this purely for a show.
If she is a true Social Worker and truly cncerned about the environment and beauty of Colva,which she hopes to win at the electins,she should mobilise a few people, like her brothers and cousins (Yuri , Warren etc) all claiming to be "SOCIAL WORKERS" to clean the Creek.
If an advertisment is also put on the Herald, by the "Man of the MASSES" and  his donkeys & mules in Dubai & Doha,I am sure every one & all of Goa will come to watch this spectacle.
After having cleaned the creek, Valanka will be entitled to be a Chief Guest at the "BEAUTIFICATION OF THE COLVA CREEK".
Guest of Honour could be Simon D`silva of Goan Welfare Association Doha Qatar.He deserves a reciprocal invitation by his Varca Ch"u"mchas, trading as the Smuggling Alemaos.

D.JUSTIN said...

Valanka is A FUCKING SHIT.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Gobor:
I agree.The one that we have currenlty,called a Crying & Fasting Mummy,is more than enough.
I think a Long dead Egyptian MUMMY will be much better & perform better.
The only thing that MUMMY Victoria  of Goa will be remembered for, is breeding thugs & goondas like her son Rudolf.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Lance:
What is the point of Valankas degrees.She is not a pracising Advocate.Her name is on the books of a Legal Firm in New Delhi. It is all for a show.However Goans are much smarter these days.They understand that it is all a show.
Valanks spends all her time in Goa.No one has ever heard her handle and Court CAse, either in Goa or New Delhi.
The Certificate she obtained(most likely through a bribe) is purely to decorate the walls of her house in Varca and for the Pig of Varca (Father) to show it off to people, that he hopes to cheat & swindle.
IN the order of respect and merits.  I am sure an Advocate has more respect than a Social Worker.
everyone in Goa is Social Work by its true definition. Helping your neighbour or the elderly is social work.
Whats the big deal about Valankas Social Work?.
It is all a fake and show and a means to make and loot money.

Neville said...

They say that this piglet is a lawyer, possibly with a degree. Why can't she pursue her career as a lawyer? Cant she get a lawyers job? Is she too tongue tied other than at nodding her head at bribe collections. The papa pig has amassed so much of loot that she should not worry, yet she is involving into politics to amass more of it, pure gluttony!

Salvador Seraulim said...

I am sure there are many Goan youth that hold degrees and diplomas. A large percentage of them are jobless because they do not have money to pay for employment. Others who do not have degrees, have no financial backing coming from Poor families, But our Ministers and their follows have accumulated wealth at the cost of these poor families. Valanka should stop talking and put action into practice if she really cares for Goa’s younger Generation. Or else take a broom and clean the Colva creek if that is her promise.

Oliver Masky said...

Valanka should first prove that she is serious and not empty vessel, by taking her Chedi and washing in the Colva Creek. So her followers can follow.

N.Fernandes-London said...

HI Salvador:
All the available "wall space" in the The Pig of Varcas house, must be decorated with a lot of fake DIPLOMAS.
These Fake Diplomas are readily available all over India.They can also be "Made to Order" or bespoke.
These FAKE DILOMAS are an essential ingredient or commodity  for the functioning of the ALEMAO FAMILY.
With these FAKE DIPLOMAS ,which is used to mis-lead people, the Alemaos are all able to loot Goa. 
I hate to imagine the volumes of Photographs that might adorn and are plastered around the Alemao Home. 
I would not hesitate to doubt, that even the PRAYER ALTAR, has images and idols (in gold) of family members to pray to.
I am quite sure within the famiy circle, prayers are said to,not for St. Churchill ALEMAO, the Patron Saint of smugglers and looters.
I wonder if Valanka is also thinking or trying to be a  Madonna of Varca. She could be aspiring to get the religious title of OUR LADY of Soical Working & daft & dreadful innagurations.

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