PANJIM: Two Goan priests demanded the dismissal of a police inspector for helping a hotel promoter cover up the alleged murder of a parishioner near Panjim on June 22. Father Kevin Rodrigues, a chaplain at Arossim church, and Father Eremito Rebello met Director General of Police (DGP) Aditya Arya and sought the dismissal of police Inspector Jivba Dalvi.
According to them, Dalvi had tried to cover up the murder of Melvyn Gomes, a resident of Arossim village, 40 km from Panjim in south Goa. Gomes was found dead in the septic tank of a holiday resort near the village Monday.
“The DGP told us that he had transferred Dalvi and that he will not be in charge of the investigation any more. But we want him dismissed. He has tried to cover up a homicide by dismissing it as a drowning death,” Rodrigues told reporters.
He claimed that Gomes was privy to critical information about an upcoming real estate project, because of which he was killed.
Rebello, rector of the Blessed Vaz shrine, said that the entire village of Arossim was up in arms over the behaviour of the police officer in relation to the case.  “The police even ignored the injuries on the body which were visible. They are intent in covering up the case. The Goa Police will have to face an agitation if the culprits are not brought to book,” he said.  Rebello met the DGP along with ruling Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator Mickky Pacheco. – CNI


N.Fernandes-London said...

All Niz Goenkars demand the complete dismissal of Jivba Dalvi.He is a bent police officer.
Please also investigate the role played by Mauvin Godinho and his family and Aboobakr Shaik.I am sure they are connected with this murder in some way or another.Directly or indirectly.
Mauvin Godinho along with Aboobakr Shaik are known to take "EQUITY" or a "SHARE" in all building projects coming up in the vincinity of Cansaulim, Arrosim & Velsao.The are the Mafia of these 3 villages.
Their recent trip to Dubai together , other than to idulge & pleasure  themselves with prostitutes,was to deal in Black Currency.
Jivba Dalvi has previously been implicated in illegal Asset Accquisitions.

Emediavoice said...

As we wrote to you earlier Dear people of Goa " your forefathers poured their blood on Goan soil to  safeguard their soil and you " to resist all development in your God's state". Many will vanish in the similar fate as of your brother at the hands of the Government and their cronies. Where is the Shepherd of Goa now? leaving his disciples to fight for the dismissal of crook? Does the bishop has no time for the sheep or is he having lavish parties with Madkaikars, Gaunekars, Churchills or Mega vampires?

JoeGoaUk said...

'PI Dalvi is not fit to be in Police Dept, so many complaints against him as PSI and PI..'  Say Fr. Eremito Rebello (watch clip).
Police offices like him should be thoroughly investigated but sadly this doe not happen, instead, we often see they are rewarded.

Agusto Kumpar said...

Hats off to both these priests Fr Keevan Rodrigues and Fr. Eremito Rebello especially the the young priest who should great courage to taken on this mafia Fr Keevan should great qualities of head and heart standing by the late Melvin Gomes family.

Micckey Pacecho and Bonkan Bott Ferwin  was only fishing in toubled waters and gaining political mileage of this sad death.

The cops need to investigate the circumstances and nexus between the land shark Mauvin Godinho, matka bookie kingpin Aboobakr Sheikh alias Babloo and PI Jivba Dalvi their recent trip to Dubai needs to be probed NIZ GOENKAR exposed the foreign jaunt details of this Dubai trip needs to be made public !!!

The cops need to nab the culprits and interrogate them throughly THE MADAM and her so called BROTHER need to the taken in custody and grilled the security guards roped in. How come the print media is not disclosing the THE MADAM name who is the care taker of his construction site. It is now 10days since the crime was committed.

May the soul of Melvyn Gomes get JUSTICE and eternal peace !!!! 

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Agusto:
The Print Media in Goa i.e. Navhind Times, Herald & Gomantak  are not bound by any Legal requirement to withold the names of  the owners of this Hotel Project.
So I am not sure why they choose to  withold names.
The case has not gone to Court either.So it is not sub-judice.(Legally restricted by the Court).
Lets hope someone in Arossim will provide me the name the Company that owns the hotel & also the  Company Constructing the Hotel.It will most likely be on a Board / placard outside.
The Local Panchyat too should provide this information.It does not require an RTI request as this is a Public Place.

JoeGoaUk said...

Some news making round that the project jointly owned by Dev Gowda's Son and Actor Sunil Shetty?

Mario Pequeno said...

The owner of the Hotel project at Utorda is the former Prime Minister of India Deve Gowda's son Kumarswamy and Bollywood star Sunil Shetty. Big shots.....

Advogad Maciel said...

JoegoaUK  the hotel project has changed hands from Deve Gowda who enjoyed a huge loan from Ramkant Kalaph ( Goa Law commission) and is now supposed to be owned by the Joshis from Thane Mumbai.

The " Supari" culture from Thane Mumbai has come to Goa.......

N.Fernandes-London said...

Lets hope the instigator and perpetrator of this murder, and his accessories, wil be convicted and sent to share a jail cell with Mahanand Naik.

Clunha said...

Big shots my big black arse. It is us who make them big shots or treat them so. Spit on them or fling a few shoes and they won’t be such hot shots later. We have to teach them a lesson once and for all. If you think they are better than you then it is your short coming. Stop treating people as important just because they are celebrities. We try to get a photo with them or an autograph and we brag that we know them personally. Wake up Goans these are only humans and they also are like us. They also hurt and feel pain when physically manhandled. It’s a shame that we don’t bother about our fellow villager or Goan but rush to ogle and have a peek at a celebrity who does not know us or care about us..

Mica1carvalho said...

We should offer pardon to the entire guy's in jail, as I’m sure they must be in for the police shortcomings i.e. wrong man in for the said crime, due to police incompetence. Bring these guys out to make amends or bring out their anger on all the issues affecting us

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