PANJIM: A passenger liner service from Goa to Mumbai and back, a new and larger maritime school in Britona and development of a minor port at Cortalim are three public-private-partnership (PPP) proposals that received the Goa government PPP committee's nod recently.
Captain of ports James Braganza, who initiated the projects, has forwarded the proposals for the cabinet's approval. Braganza said though the passenger liner service between Goa and Mumbai was stopped some years back, a few private parties sent proposals to the government offering to restart the service on a PPP model.
At the recent PPP committee meeting, it was suggested that the project be made more attractive by including point-to-point local ferry services for tourists along with mini-bus services where ferry service are not available.
It was suggested that this could work on mother vessel feeder vessel mode and could be offered to the operator as a package, as this would boost tourism in Goa. It was also suggested to make the project more lucrative by offering free usage of Panjim port for an initial period of three years without providing any further viability gap funding facility.
The PPP committee has advised the ports department to first obtain the cabinet's approval and then prepare a request for proposal (RFP) document. The second proposal is to build a new, larger school with 12 new, advanced courses as per guidelines of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers. - TNN


David Leitao said...

This reminds me of the good old days of the " Konkan sevak " and the blue chip Dempo Steamships which was liquidated and went bankrupt and the Konkan sevak was last used to ferry the Late Rajiv Gandhi peacekeeping force to Ceylon and not heard of anymore what happened to Rajiv Gandhi is another Story!!!! The so called Dempos who go about as big Patrons of Goans causes and a company with with an agenda for Corporate social responsibities are one of the biggest destroyers of amche GoA alongwith the Timblos and the brother in arm Diggu Kaka we all know how they subvert the law of the land especially money laundering the typical case is the Supreme Court judgement in the Cidade de Goa case and the ORDINANCE.. Dempos have gone a step forward and having no vision sold their mines alonwith their loyal staff employess to rogue and ecology and enviroment destroyers VEDANTA!!! Vedanta objectives is to mine 150 metric tonnes of ore in three years and make a HOLE out of Goa. A Kanndiga Rajiv Kulkarni who now heads their corporate social responsibility cell is being rewarded after he back stabbed his Dempo colleagues by towing the line of the Dempo mangement and selling his colleagues down the river Mandovi is now given a perk of a foreign jaunt to DENMARK  to study youth development football there . This Kulkarni an opportunist a polygamist I doubt has even played GILLI  DANDU in his youth days !!! We NIZ Goenkars have to be very vigilant of these Kashmiri GSBs who are  on a roll in Goa We Goans should stop patronising these greedy industralists who have stashed up cores in foreign banks looted at the costs of the simple Farmers and mining labour who with their sweat and blood toiled for these blood suckers !!! The above passenger liner project could be the brain child of one of these diversifying mining companies which has to be nipped in the bud !!! Amche Goem amkam ZAI  !!!! You mining lobby do not make a hole out of Goa !!! Enough is enough !!! 

David Leitao said...

Vedanta's obective is mine 150 million metric tonnes of ore in three years and make a HOLE out of Goa !!!! Shipping fits in the diversification plans of the DEMPOS and TIMBLOS these are cash rich companies out to screw the shit out of GOA !!!! The enforcement authorities are in deep slumber will these rogue corporates rake in the MOOLAH !!!! Diggu kaka is at their beck and call to bend when asked to stand like the other GSBs all for a price which is not nice for AMCHE GOEM !!!!

JoeGoaUk said...

I remember giant ships like Sarita, Konkan Sevak, konkan Shakti upto early 80s (and Catamaran 'Damania Shipping' in early 90s) on Goa to Bombay route.
Where the earlier ships used to make a stop/halt at Ratnagiri, Devgard.  where small canoes dangerously used as feeder boats in the middle of the night in the mid waters.  Last time I remember going by ship when I paid Rs.15. Whereas, Goa to Bombay airfare was about Rs.120 (i remember even Rs.90 early 70s).

Does anyone know what happen to Sarita?

Agusto Kumpar said...

Joe Goa Uk are you talking about your neighbouthood girl Sarita Vaz from Velsao well she is happily married. Hope you are collecting your Dole from the UK regularly and keeping you good work of Paparazzi in Goa. Cheers sweet potato Konong !!! Cheers hehehehe !!! Keep up the good work with one foot in Goa the other in UK !!!!

Papa Razi said...

Are funkott Kumpar.................Thanks for acknowledging Papa Razi! ................Papa Razi is everywhere!

Gobor said...


Gobor said...

I hope they'll have enough supply of Burf-bags on board

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