A NIGHT TO REMEMBER by Willie Menino Severes, Majorda (Dubai)

For the first time in Kuwait, Sao Joao Fiesta - A feast of Fun, Food & Dance to be organized by Kuwait Goan Association. It is a full day family programme on 24 June 2011 from 12 noon onwards at the Carmel School Auditorium - Kheitan.
This programme is sponsored by Al Muzaini Exchange Co., Churchill Bros., Adv. Valanka Alemao, Baskin Robbins, Dana Optics Co., Lulu Hypermarket etc. The chief guest for the event is not known, although can be correctly assumed.
Traditional Siolim Sao Joao will begin at 3pm and will go on till 8pm. Features of this event are tiatrists and their political friends Mickey Pacheco, Manohar Parrikar, Dayanand Mandrekar.
Barring these organizations who rub their shoulders with our politicians, true goenkars should be wise enough to dump the present lot of MLA’s and Minister’s in the coming elections.
Let this be their last Sao Joao to REMEMBER.


Salvador Seraulim said...

Shame Shame again on the organisers rubbing shoulders with crooked GOAN politicians, unless the organisers themselves are crooked.”Birds of the same feathers flock together”. When will they ever learn that these politicians have caused misery to Goa and its people including communal hatred spread by Parrikar’s BJP party.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

It seems that our Goans in the Gulf are completely under the spell of the thieving politicians of Goa.  Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

Nizachogoenkar said...

I remember that for San Jua they used to trash something called Jedeo(I too am against this as we have no right to speak ill of Jews). But I hope some of these Goans trash those Star guests there.

Joel Morais said...

We as goans at no cost will be able to finish them as there are more  chamchas than decent goans.I have got a strong feeling that Goemcho saib will act shortly against all the evil power on our beloved Goem.VIVA GOA!

Dalia said...

Adv. Valanka? What type of advocate and what type of advocacy does she know? She is only a thief, an agent for collection her fathers haftas.
Shame on the organizers for calling the thieves from Goa to grace their functions. Do they not find anyone else? I wish the organizers just get drowned in a pool together for such a shameful act of calling the politicians.

N.Fernandes-London said...

is the Kuwait Goans Assoc another dirty Goan organisation?


A to Z said...

Why do the organizers of San Joao Feast  in Kuwait require sponsership from goan politicians ? Are they so poor that they can't organize without begging with Chorchill and Valanka. From where does Chorchill & Co bring money. Is it not by robbing poor goans. SHAME ON YOU KUWAITKARS ! NEXT TIME IF YOU CAN'T AFFORT PLEASE DO NOT ORGANIZE.  

Afedupgoan said...

Dalia bai, it is an open secret that Churh ie ill churchill and his daughter are taking 15% commission from the contractors of Goa and more then a couple of lakhs for any PWD post.
I tell you give me a spy camera i will catch him alive,
Do you know his income on PWD contracts? Hold your breath its 1 Crore  per day.
He needs about 10 lakhs to give to beggars who go to him for alms.
rest 90 lakhs for 1 month comes to 27 crores
for 1 year it comes to 324 crores
at the end of 5 years he will have amassed a wealth of Rs 1620 crores.
These is not guess work but real calculation, I can prove it on any grounds that his income is so much.
If you want to know any other Goan  politicians income i can give the total breakup of the minute details. for a nominal fee of Rs 10000/
Peace be with you all to fight the loosing battle


N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi A to Z:
It is probably some Low Class , ill-mannered,un-educated & morally inept  Goans that have organised,invited  and asked for sponsorship from the likes of Valanka & Churchill.
Many hardworking  & long term Goans that work in Kuwait, have realised the Goan Politicians are nothing but uncivilised theives & looters.
There will surely come a day when these Goans in Kuwait,who associate with Churchill & Valanka, realise their mistake.
They are probably riding on a "Crest of a WAVE". But as everyone knows  waves also go flat.

Karina said...

Yes. By looking at the organisation. i felt that it was organised to make some money and also its for Chuchil to make preparation for his elecetion and for her doughter. Organisation is not upto the mark.
Selection of king and queen of carnival was totally judged wrong. might be winner are some relative of organiser or churchill. who came first should be third and second first and third second. Any way next time dont bring any politician.

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