In my young days I was told, the Cuckoo was a very devious bird, that it does not incubate it’s own eggs but conveniently destroys the crow’s eggs and leave it’s own eggs in the crow’s nest, and the crow without knowing rears Cuckoos, is this ingenuity or just plain natures progression ? Who will be the judge ? Perhaps the Ornithologists could tell us !
In Goa a distinct similarity to the Cuckoo’s deceit and ingenuity is observed. A few weeks ago the local dailies in Goa were full of congratulatory messages, congratulating our ever conniving politicians for success of the Medium of Instruction movement for grants to English medium Schools. A battle started, fought and won by the parents. Most of these congratulatory messages were dedicated to our flamboyant Benaulim and Navelim MLA’s, ironically both uneducated. I wonder if even half of those who congratulated the MLA’s were parents of affected students, we have lots of chamchas who like to appease their demigods for favours in cash and kind.
If these useless politicians were responsible for the victory, why did the people have to take to the streets? In Goa has any problem of the people been solved without the people taking to the streets? The efficiency of the governances is evident when people problems of the people are solved without bringing the people on the streets, this has been very much lacking in Goa for a long time now.
Our politicians are very good in taking credit when it’s not theirs for the taking. My humble prayer to all Goans, please do let these conniving politicians use us to rear their credit, like the deceitful cuckoo. Let’s give credit where it is due and the credit for the success of the MOI movement goes only to the parents and not to anyone else.


Dala said...

OH CHORA Digambara, UTT re Chora, ugoll tuje dolle. Poi kitem goddta tem hea Goeant. Utt re Chora, Utt re Chora. Goenchi proja magta Sonvtotrai tujea rajea possun. Kamat, wake up, the people of Goa are asking for freedom from your rule of corruption and foolishness.

Camillofernandes said...

Freddy's above post is very sensible, true and realistic.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

The so called self proclaimed man of the masses from Varca is real time vampire of today's what one can see Goa, he sucks blood of every potential Goan and then come out as saviour of the people. What has he done to Goa in his political career?. He betrayed Goans on every aspect of core issues.
He brought down Govt. in 1991 joined hands with PDF Govt. became minister and what did he do. imposed Konkani medium of instruction on all English school and after twenty years or so the same chit jumps out and takes credit of MOI though parents and FORCE members should get credit for that. Also brought in ill-planned Tourism followed by destruction of Goa.
During Konkan Railway agitation, the very same man took to street along with Goans and what did he do, he brought down the Govt. and became caretaker CM just for fifteen days and went on to sign Konkan Railway Project to pass through Goa. Betrayed people and Self benefited.
He won last election against on Mopa Airport but after election what did he do, jumped to Congress and went on to grab fat and wealthy portfolio of PWD by holding Govt. ransom, busy imposing Mega Project against the wishes of the people, sold and still selling Goa for non-Goans Mega builders. Who's benefiting?.Self and family. Did Goans benefited Goans in anyway?. No. On the other hand younger brother is on the destruction spree of our beautiful flora and nature in the name of mining. These are the core issues that gives Goans sleepless nights. In the eyes of crumb eaters, those bigots who put adverts in the newspaper he is the man of masses. Shame on Goa people who elect and support these evils.

Diogo Fichardo said...

It is parents power that certainly deserve credit for NOI, and not the politicians. If Goan politicians were in favor of Goan Interests  they would not  run to Delhi, decisions can be made in Goa For Goans. This prove how incompetent  our Goan Politicians are, But will falsely taking the credit for something  they did not fight for. 

Navelkar said...

I know you will blame Navelkars and Varkemkars for electing this stupid gambler.  He in fact gambled with every sentiment of the People knowing well the time and tide is on people's side so he jumped on people side only to gain name and fame for him as if he has done all the favours for the people.  Your thinking is right. this man has always deceived the people of Goa and given a chance again he will shamelessly deceive the people of Goa. I hope all Navelkars and Vakenkars prevail some sense in them hereafter and cutoff/chop off  the ladder he further intending to climb in order to destroy not only left over of Goa but of the very Navelkars and Varkemkars.

For me, I cannot take any more  treason from this lootmar.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Diogo:
If Churchill and a "RED ANT" were put in a boxing ring...the RED ANT would have definelely come out as the winner.
However ,knowing the vanity and self indulgences of the Alemao family, the Herald Newspaper would have several advertisments, stating that the true winner was the "ILLIPHANT of VARCA".

Gobor said...

butt the housing board red haired brunettes and our own badekars of batkars love him.   You mean what you say then lets fuck both the kumpars
and elect a man from Navelim. We dont need a Varcasur.

Gobor said...

butt, one thing, them both  uneducated "rede" agree that "good education is a must and that's the most loved gift that a parent can give to the child" in their recent speeches.
Moral: At times even scoundrels speak the truth

Dala said...

Chorchill now a days has lost sense. He publishes advertisements with double talk as usual. He need good mental treatment at the ballot box which will give him rest forever.

stephen vaz said...

churchill and his daughter is out to finish navelim . In fact she is the loot collector of his father. from where did he get all the wealth suddenly.
churchill is a defaulter and begger who ows pots of money which he borrowed during his poverty days.
you illetrate fatsooooo and chamcha of the congress.

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