PANJIM: Sports minister Manohar 'Babu' Azgaonkar (Congress), transport minister Ramkrishna 'Sudin' Dhavalikar (MGP) and tourism minister Nilkant Halarnkar (NCP) on Tuesday declined to resign from the cabinet on the issue of government grants to English medium primary schools.
After the bandh on Monday, Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) had demanded the resignation of the three ministers from the cabinet to prove their opposition to the government decision to give grants to English primary schools .
Reacting to BBSM's demands, Azgaonkar said there is no question of resigning from the cabinet.
"If the people of my constituency ask me to resign then I will do it," Azgaonkar said. He added that the ministers had opposed providing grants to English medium primary schools at the cabinet meeting. "We did not get support from our other cabinet colleagues, hence we lost our demands," Azgaonkar said. Azgaonkar said that people elected them for the development of the constituency and that they were there to fulfill the aspirations of the voters.
When contacted, Halarnkar expressed similar sentiments saying that resigning from the cabinet in connection with grants to English was out of question.
"I have openly opposed the decision, my party has the same stand and I will continue to fight for Konkani and Marathi by remaining in the cabinet," Halarnkar said. A similar view was expressed by Davalikar, who stated that the Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) has not changed its stand and is fully supporting BBSM's demands.
"The demand for my resignation from the cabinet is a political demand," Dhavalikar said. He said he is a supporter of Konkani and Marathi (why Marathi?) and there was no question of his supporting any other language.


David Leitao said...

That " Cobbler " Panchayat Minister  is a scoundrel a rogue of the highest order.  Babu Azgaonkar how much kickbacks have you collected in forms of brokerage and commision for the shit all development you have undertaken in Mandrem. You third class Panchayt Minister alongwith your corrupt and eccentric Director of Panchyats Menino D'Souza and Addl. director of Panchayats D.B.Shanke have milked the village panchayats in goa dry and have intiated all possible illegalities the three of you should be hounded out of Goa you have destroyed the Goan villages you are named and shamed you and your future generations will bear the curse of your illegal actions !!! The height of greed is the Ministry of Panchayts in Goa  lead by the Cobbler Minister and his Cronies Menino D'Souza and D.B.Shanke !!!!

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

 Why should the Ministers resign from the Cabinet? They have done their bit by objecting to the decision. After all, the MGP legislators have to continue fighting for Marathi, the language of the State where they want Goa to merge, even against the wishes of Goans. Konkani is included because the neighbouring State has laid claim to Konkani speaking areas of the other neighbouring State and fighting for Marathi and Konkani in Goa will facilitate their objective.

Shambuswamy said...

Babu azgaonkar and Nilkanth Halarnkar being illiterate, their view-point is understandable as they get easily brainwashed by the talk of threat to thier cultuare and cultural language even though marathi is a language of maharstrian pavnne and ghanttis like Subahsh Velingkar and the maharastrian labourer who screwed his goan mistress and the resultant illegitimate birth of dayanand bandodkar.

The dhavlikars are hardcore marathi manoos and their very political mission is the merger of Goa with maharashtra. They have no love whatsoever for Konkanni and so should actually be kicked out of the cabinet by the Congress. However I feel pity for Babu Azgaonkar and Nilkanth Halarnkar who wish to continue to be subservient to the upper caste hindus which the BJP represents. Atleast as leaders they were expected to enlighten their constituents but lack of education has let them down.

Crilq8 said...

HA ha aha/ shame on this minister. they are fighting for good cause then resigned and show. why only minister have to resigned. let all the MLA resigned who are opposing to the englsih MOI.  If they resigned they know people will teach them good lesson in the elelction. Empty vessels makes more noise.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I think "HANGING" of these scumbags and looters from a Banyan Tree, would be well attended by all Goans.
The language the speak wouldnt matter.They would all come to rejoice 

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