MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION by Adv.Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

As to where and when this whole raging Medium of Instruction controversy will end is anybody’s guess. That some uneducated politicians have high jacked the issue while keeping the educationists at bay is a matter of great concern. That the issue has been raked up just months before Goa goes to the Assembly polls will fool no one.
The only silver lining is that at least this controversy has brought the Konkani and Marathi activists together. Something one could never have visualized during the 1986 language agitation. Time is a healer so they say. At least on this issue the diminishing number of Goans in Goa have joined hands.
On the June 6th bandh we left it to our daughter whether she wanted to go to school or not. Having been actively associated with so many bandhs over the last 30 years of activism, I did not wish my daughter to inherit that one gene. Infact her school like the Navtara restaurant has always been open on every Bandh day in recent history.
Whatever the medium of instruction, let every Goan child be at least taught to distinguish between a rupee, dollar and dirham. Having lost most of what was once beautiful Goa they would at least be able to identify a currency they can save.


Shambuswamy said...

There speaks Manoo Parrikar's mouth-piece .... and speaks bullshit as he always does ever since he has been taken on the payroll of the Sangh Parivar. Shame on you Aires, for the love of blood tainted saffron money you are ganging up with the ghanttis like Subash Velingkar, the divorcee Mahastrian old hag Tai and stray dogs like Naguesh Karmali.

I hope that atleast your true colours are seen by some ignorant folks who sing your praises. The uneducated ministers have ateast realised thier folly and have displayed guts to correct their mistake since they do not wish to jeopardise the future of poor Goan children for the sake of dirty politics aand also to foil the evil designs of maharshtrawadis to impose marathi on goans.

Please rememember that it is easy for you to educate your daughter in english medium schools by paying fees- since you earn loads thru various means, but poor parents like me are not so fortunate..

Shame on you....

Perdro Lopes said...

Aires -
Which MoI do you want or encourage? is it Marathi?

Karina Ferns said...

You are saying educationist kept at bay? what about you, are you educated or not?if u were educatated then where were you in agitation was going on and on stike day. Every one knows what you advocate are doing? Good for nothing. I think you are not geting any money from BJP. Dont worry iris bab i will tell all the parent to give u some donation to keep ur mouth shut. Are you involved in any good acitivty in goa?

Cyrusmasca said...

Are bebea, Paus ailea nantor roddunk laglo. Gormeacho tempar zollvoll chalu axili, tedna tum khoim xellenk nidhilo. Avoi bapui rastear ailea tedna, padrik soddunk bhovtalo. BJP-chi lalachi gormi mellapachi bond zalim kitem re? Fudlem eleisao april-maiant zatolem, tedna tum nhidon urxim and pavs-poddlom mhontoch darav darav korxim. Sorkaran bebeak dhorpache bond keleam mhon tum sutlo na zalear Mid-Day mealant bhugeank tuzo menu korun ghalpak zatalo. tumi konkani ani marathi korpak soddta taka lagun hanvem konknai and marathi mix korun bhoroila, chuki assa zalear somzun ghe. tumka english naka nhoi............

Anonymous the VIII said...

I think the language is too complicated for you to understand the correct meaning.
Most of our Goan are such, they will jump to conclusion without understand what is being said.

Anonymous the VIII said...

May I know If  YOU have done anything, to bring any wrong doing by the government or any other authority to books?

Perdro Lopes said...

I thought I was the only fellow who could see the true colour of this idiot chor Aires. First this idoit praises Liberation now this idiot traitor praises Marathi. Traitors like him have sold Goa to the BJP and MGP,

He is a paid agent to bully Goans, I'm not a fan of Babush the trees destroyer of Goa, but Babush is one of them with the parents who stood up for English as MoI

Marathi is not the language of Goa, we should have sensus in Goa as to how many homes of Goenkars speak marathi. If they speak Marathi then how many of them are natives of Goa. This should solve the problems of Marath or ever having marathi in Goa again.

NIZGOAN said...

ADV. Aires-  No one can trust YOU anymore, You have lost your respect and diginity in Goa.
You have sold yourself for MONEY and not to GOA.
People like me were praising you as a LEADER by not knowing your dirty motives and intensions.

We have to praise ourself [ ALL PARENTS ] for MOI
NIZ GOENKAR must skip your articles , This articles against the Politicians etc is not for corruptions. this is for Adv. Aires. personnel benifit.

After LOKPAL BILL pass >Goverment must start investagation first from Adv Aires name.

Shambuswamy said...

Anonymous the VIII baby,seems like you are too small or too naive to understand Aires. Ignoramus like you are the fodder that crook politicians thrive on.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Your writings speak amply, no need to elaborate.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I am not here to protect Aires Rodrigues.I am sure he is very capable of doing that himself.
However , In reading this "particular" article, I do not see him making any reference in praise of Marathi.
All he is saying is that Marathi & Konkani were at loggerheads and in opposite directions some time ago during the Konkani agitation. 
On this occasion on MOI, they seem to have got together to oppose English.
I think it is the Marathiwadis, that are hijacking Konkani to play it against English.
I do not think t Konkani speakers are against English.It is the Marathi speakers that think by including Konkani they will win their case. 
For Maratahwadis Konkani was bad and a dialect.Now English is bad.
Yet all Marathawadis aspire to be proficient in English,including the children  / Grandchildren of these so called FF`s. & language agitators.
What double standards.

Cyrus masca said...

i THINKS THIS anonymous the VIII is hired man of Viegas who is geting share from politician. when people like you are there..........Goa will not see develpmnet..............Well Done Shambuswamy

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