MARGAO: Goa governor S S Sidhu issued cheques of 1 lakh each, from the governor's funds, to the next of kin of the two tribals-Mangesh Gaonkar and Dilip Velip-who died in the Balli riots on May 25.  He also assured the tribal population that a proper inquiry would be conducted into last week's violence and that the guilty would be punished.
The governor handed over the cheques to Quepem deputy collector Agnelo Fernandes during his visit to Quepem and the violence-hit areas of Balli on Wednesday evening.  President of United tribals associations' alliance (UTAA) Prakash Velip and other tribal leaders met Sidhu and presented a memorandum to him listing out their demands.
Instituting a judicial inquiry headed by a high court judge into the Balli incident, providing adequate compensation by the government to the families of the deceased tribal activists and a government job to at least one member of their respective families, providing adequate compensation to the Adarsh cooperative society by the government, were some of the demands listed out by the UTAA in the memorandum presented to the governor on the occasion.
The governor gave them a patient hearing as the UTAA leaders narrated the sequence of events on the fateful day that led to the loss of two young lives. Quepem MLA Chandrakant (Babu) Kavlekar was also present.
Earlier, Sidhu visited Balli and interacted with the locals near the Balli junction- the epicentre of the agitation. Some of the locals complained that they were being 'unnecessarily' harassed by the police.
Stating that they were not involved in setting fire to the Adarsh building, the Balli locals warned that they would not tolerate any innocent villager being implicated in the case by the police and threatened to launch an agitation.
They demanded that the government conduct an impartial inquiry into the case and the guilty be brought to book. Several locals voiced their angst against UTAA leaders whom they said were inciting the people to further their own political interests.
Sidhu later visited the Adarsh cooperative society and assessed the damage caused to the premises and also interacted with the managing director of the society, Ranu Gaonkar. He promised to ensure that the government does no injustice to anybody.  The governor appealed to the people to maintain total peace and harmony in keeping with the tradition of the people of Goa. - TNN


Anand Desai Mopa said...

 The old Fart Governor thinks Goan Life is cheap by giving Rs 1 lakh for each budding life. Under his watch Goan life has become miserable and riddled with crime and corruption.
In Goa to demonstrate rightfully can lead you to your death.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi ANAND: I agree. After overstaying & extending his welcome in Goa , due to the incompetent Government of Dickhead Kamat  and using this extra time to make money, he would have done some reparation if he gave some of his own bloody money.
I wonder if Churchill will now give some of his own...or do what he is more well knownto do ...take some from the dead and those living too.

Emediavoice said...

Its a blood money paid for the martyr's of Goa dying for the sake of failed state of governance.

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