PANJIM: Pointing out to irregularities and illegalities in the cabinet decision to give grants to English medium schools, leader of opposition Manohar Parrikar, in his letter to chief secretary Sanjay Srivastava, demanded immediate withdrawal of the MoI circular.
Parrikar on Thursday submitted the letter to the chief secretary and education secretary.  Speaking to media persons on Friday Parrikar said, "The note circulated to the cabinet by the chief secretary and education secretary is illegal. Assembly has given power to education director and not the cabinet to decide on education matters. Cabinet can provide money and facilities but they cannot grant permission. Cabinet cannot decide to open new schools nor can they decided to provide grants to particular schools."
Though the cabinet decision creates a separate expenses stream that is beyond the budgetary approval, the same does not appear to have been approved by the finance department and law department as required under the approved rules of business,' said the letter.  "I have told the chief secretary and education secretary in particular that they are involving themselves in the illegalities of highest magnitude,'' said Parrikar.
The leader of the opposition also said that the secretaries would be held responsible for such illegalities.  Parrikar also said that the circular is a violation of Section 29 of RTE under which only an advisory committee can advise on medium of instruction for the government to act appropriately.  According to business rules any change in law should be vetted by the law department and the cabinet decision has not been vetted by the law as well as the finance department," said Parrikar.
The letter said"I bring to your notice that the legislative assembly in its own wisdom has given power to give permissions for new classes/schools to the director of education. Any decision by the cabinet has no legal sanctity as the powers to the cabinet as per law do not exist and therefore the cabinet decision as also the circular are illegal and unconstitutional." - TNN


Chandracanto Canaconcar said...

Manohar Parrikar has and is behaving like a common uneducated goonda.  He has shown his callibre when he like a common goonda was shutting down the shutters of the bank.  I request the Goan hindus never to vote for BJP and specially the communal Manohar Parrikar.

N.Fernandes-London said...

It is rather surprising that Mr. Parrikar as a Legislator. is unaware of how some proccesses work.
Many initial  Laws, Proclaimations & Procedures etc get modified and perfected along the way.
Some of the proccesses have to be tailored or adapted to fit the modern times.
The LOKPAL Bill is currently going through, a thorough "PROCCESS" of  modifications & alterations,before it becomes Law.There is a lot of debate taking place on this Bill.
Rejecting something that benefits Parents & children , point blank, or inventing rules to suit one`s dogma and beliefs is plain crazy.
 I am sure in time the MOI Circular will be polished to serve Education.
It seems like Parrikar is more keen to save his skin & PArty standing, rather than give the kids /parents the benefit & choice of a MOI. 
More Hindus in India speak English, than Christians or Muslims.Does he have anything to say to the Hindus from other States of India?. Why penalise Goa?.
I think many Goan Politicians,not just onthe issue of Education, do not believe that there is Life or LIFE FORMS outside Goa.

Anonymous the VIII said...

This is what is SAFFRON politics. Who is Parrikar trying to fool? Educated parents? Or uneducated BBSM & Freedom F * *kers?
If Parrikar finds illegalities in the Cabinet decision on MOI, why did he not Petition the High Court to be included as Respondents in the Writ Petition filed by Parents on the MOI issue? Was he sleeping when the High Court asked the government to file an Affidavit on Government's decision on MOI? Why is he now approaching the Executive when he could have easily approached the Judiciary in what he now claims as Illegality? Your DUMB tactics wont fool everyone. It will only tickle you sycophants.

Gobor said...

Yep? Than the initial decision years back not to give grants to English Schools being a Cabinet  decision is  also ab initio illegal!

Oliver Masky said...

Very well said Parrikar is nothing but a mouth piece of a non- Goan Ghanti Party.

Anand Desai Mopa. said...

First stop all Marathi school Funds. Goans will chose what language is good for Goa.

Perdro Lopes said...

Hell will Marathi, (Maharashtrian) Hindi (Indians). This foreign languages should not be encouraged in Goan Soil and on goan Children.

Perdro Lopes said...

This Donkey Aires Rod. writes article on everything that's stupid for me at the least. I'd like to see him comment on this article. If he is a real Advocate and not advocate by cheating then he should tell Parrikar to get the f*#&s away and settle somewhere in Maharashtra.

No Article from aires is in support for the MOI in English or in Portuguese, he has never wrote anything against parrikar.  We in Goa have at the least half the Population with Portuguese Nationality. This Bangi Indian Passport is bestowed on us by force and Invasion.

We have to stand united against we getting transformed to Indianism by their language and by thier culture.


Usko Goenkar said...

Parrikar, just realized this now? Where was he at the time when illegally “English” was removed from Schools some years ago? If he is a Just person, why did he not cry then?
Is he blind not to see the Mining Issues, Drug Issues? Crime’s not being solved, the Bali Issues and all the filth that’s spoiling Goa? No, he does not! Rather he has all the time in the world to fight over a patty issue – “MOI”  
Correct me if I am wrong, when he (Blind Parrikar) & BJP was in Power they wanted to Cut down all the Trees in Panjim from Dempo house to Campal, just to make a Super Highway! Wherein these Trees have survived for over 100 of years and are very unique to Goa, as they are some of the only Trees found in Asia, called the “Rain Trees”…. How Stupid, can one get!
Then there was this issue with Him and his Gang of BJP Dogs, when they wanted to Demolish all the “Holy Crosses” found along the road sides, this also included Chapels,
Fundacao Oriente too was stopped from protecting and restoring the Goan Heritage Buildings including Churches?
One can go on and on, with these Stupid Goan Politicians on Corruptions, Irregularities, Illegalities, etc, etc. there is no end to it….   
If you only “Google” his name “Parrikar” you can find some many Corruptions done during his Tenure as CM of Goa, and now he teaches the Common people of Goa what is right for their Children! Isn’t this Height of Stupidity?
Think it is time for Goans to wake up from their long slumber and open our eyes and be the Judge on what is Good for Goa and Good for our Future Generations to come, its never too late!

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