MARGAO: Mumbai-based Ms K Rajeha Universal’s residential project “Raheja Chrysalis” in Carmona village has suffered a major blow with the Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority deciding not to grant prior Environmental Clearance to the real estate developer.
Conveying the decision to the Mumbai-based builder, Member Secretary, Goa-SEIAA Michael M D’Souza said a comprehensive and independent Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study is warranted to address all the location-specific issues in terms of CRZ Notification 2011, EIA Notification, 2006 and other Acts/Rules/Guidelines in force.
“The study also address issues related to solid waste management, land/water/air pollution, water/power requirement and availability, post-project management, optimum use of natural resources, etc”, D’Souza said.
The report says that inspection of the property revealed large scale soil excavation within the no development zone demarcated along the south-east and eastern periphery of the project area. “As per the CRZ notification, any activities, whatsoever, have been banned or prohibited in NDZ areas”, the Authority added.
“Two large-diameter cement pipes, under the pretext of storm water drains, have been laid down and buried underground. However, the plan submitted by the Project Proponent clearly showed that these two pipelines were intended for sewage disposal into the Sal River, which borders along the southeast and eastern border of the project site”, the Authority said, fearing it would cause adverse detrimental impact on water quality thereby affecting local site-specific biodiversity.
The Authority has further observed that considerable stretch of mangroves along the bank of the River Sal appears to have been destroyed/cut, which is probably intended for subsequent reclamation of river bank. “It is argued that this would result into narrowing of river width, thereby causing flooding during high-tide or monsoons”, the report said.
Moreover, the Authority observed that few forest tree-species, existing within the project area, appears to have been cut/burnt for the proposed developmental activity, adding that the developmental activity is not in connivance with the local site-specific Town and Country Planning guidelines. - HD


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