PANJIM: A court in Goa on Friday sentenced "serial killer" Mahanand Naik to life imprisonment for murdering a 32-year-old woman at Bambolim village in 2007. North Goa Principal Sessions Judge Nutan Sardesai sentenced the 40-year-old to life in prison after the prosecution did not press for death sentence.
This was the first conviction for Naik who was accused of murdering at least 18 women in the state over one-and-half decades. He has been acquitted in seven cases till now.
The court also imposed a fine of Rs 1.3 lakh on him for the murder at Bambolim near here.  Clad in a light green formal shirt and dark blue jeans, Naik showed no emotion as the judge read out the order. He, however, smiled at the waiting journalists as he came out of the court.
Police had chargesheeted Naik for killing Susheela Fatarpekar on October 24, 2007. The killer allegedly removed ornaments from Susheela's body after strangling her to death using a 'dupatta' and dumped the body on a plateau. The victim was working as a sweeper in a private firm.
He was chargesheeted under IPC sections 364 (kidnapping or abduction in order to murder), 302 (murder), 392 (robbery) and 201 (destruction of evidence). The prosecution had examined 21 witnesses.  Naik, a resident of Shiroda village, was arrested on April 21, 2009 for allegedly raping his wife's friend. During custodial interrogation, he confessed to a string of murders, according to police. – PTI


N.Fernandes-London said...

Hopefully all is not lost for Mahanand.!!!!!????
The Goan Welfare Association of Doha -Qatar( GWA)  might wish to add him (MAHANAND), to their potential Guest List of Criminals ,they love to invite to their functions.
Bollywood actors/ actresses  are fictitious "bad guys / girls. Mahanand is the real thing.
I am sure the President of GWA could use his influence  with the other Criminal Guests he has invited in the past, to grant MAHNAND  extra special judicial leave from prison, to grace their Mayball or other functions.
The only thing the Organisers need to know , is that they will not receive Awards or an Order of Merits for their services, from the criminals that occupt the Legislative Assembly in Campal.

Gobor said...


Shyam Sawant said...

Why did not the prosecution demand death penalty for this animal? Is there a secret behind this motive? It appears that Mahanand may appeal against this sentence to the higher courts and given the corruption rate among the judges of India, well get himself acquitted of all the charges.  There is also another factor to be taken into consideration.  The expertise of the police who are zero at investigation.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Where is the death sentence? He will appeal a could free when he next appears in Appeal Court. 

dlp said...

Because of the expertise of the Goa Police in investigating crimes, this Evil got acquitted in the earlier murders in spite of confessing to them. What's the big deal in this life sentence? He will appeal and get acquitted in this one too. That the prosecution did not demand for death sentence, in itself proves there is something fishy going on here.

Nizachogoenkar said...

Well. Mahanand may Deserve it. But this is not justice. Surely if Mahanand was a Rich Man he would have been able to Get one of those 40 Thieves from Goa assembly to help him.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Goa Police could also be listed, just below Mahanand , for "THE MOST COCKED-UP ACCQUITALS" in Goan history.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Mahanand still has a remote chance.If he can sell all the GOLD he has stolen from these poor women he kiled, he could sell them.
The guy who would purchase this gold& help him is none other than the "CHIEF GOLD SMUGGLER of GOA", Churchill Alemao or VARCA.He might require more Gold to marry off his daughter Valanka.
Churchill has so much Gold, that he wears a lot on his fingers and perhaps toes too.
Have a look at a video clip of him.

dlp said...

And I am sure he wears lots of it on his d..k too!!!

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