PANJIM: After misbehaviour and false recording of a crime, then himself personally destroying the evidence of the murder of Melwyn Gomes, the dirty PI Jivba Dalvi is only transferred to Police Headquarters which is an easy way to save him from the law by the higher police officials
Jivba Dalvi turned out to be an equivalent of Chandrakant Salgaoncar who had sabotaged the police-drugs-politician nexus case at the instance of Ravi Naik.
The government on Wednesday transferred the beleaguered Verna PI, Mr Jivba Dalvi to the police headquarters, "pending inquiry", police officials informed. Arossim locals have been demanding his dismissal alleging his complicity in trying to cover up the alleged murder of Melvyn Gomes.
Will the case be investigated like the way it is done by the sleuths of USA or UK or any honest nation? It is doubtful as the Goa Police is full of corrupts only and honesty is dead.
On Wednesday, a priest based at Arossim, Fr Kevin Rodrigues, rector of the Blessed Vaz shrine, Fr Eremito Rebello, the Benaulim MLA, Mr Francisco Xavier Pacheco alias Mickky called on the DGP, Dr Aditya Arya demanding dismissal of Mr Dalvi, who along with a Mumbai-based hotelier is in the firing line for allegedly attempting to cover up the alleged murder of the local.
"The police ignored the visible injuries on the body. They want to cover up the case. They will have to face an agitation if the culprits are not brought to book," Fr Rebello told media persons outside the police headquarters.
"The DGP told us that he had transferred Dalvi and that he will not be in charge of the investigation any more. But we want him dismissed. He has tried to cover up a homicide by dismissing it as a drowning death," Fr Rebello said.
Fr Rodrigues said the DGP informed them that the investigation has been entrusted to another police inspector, Mr Rajan Nigale who would investigate the case under the supervision of the sub-divisional police officer, Mr Umesh Gaonkar.  Mr Pacheco also said the DGP has informed them that the inquiry was in progress and final decision would be taken once the inquiry is completed.
Villagers have alleged that Melvyn was killed because he had some information about an upcoming real estate project.  The villagers of Cansaulim, Arossim, Cuelim and Utorda observed total and peaceful bandh at Cansaulim on Wednesday demanding immediate dismissal of Mr Dalvi.
Over 700 protesters enforced the bandh at Cansaulim and staged rasta roko at the village market. The aggrieved villagers cleared the road only after Mr Dalvi was transferred to the police headquarters.  The villagers gathered in the morning at the Cansaulim market and paralysed the vehicular traffic. Shops and establishments in the village remained closed.
The South Goa collector, Mr Sandeep Jacques and the superintendent of police, South, Mr Allen D’Sa requested the protesters to clear the road and assured to fix up a meeting with senior police officials in Panjim.
Fr Rodrigues, Ms Ophelia Rodrigues, Ms Margaretta Costa and Mr Wright Costa, who took part in the bandh, sought immediate dismissal of Mr Dalvi. They demanded that the Melvyn death case must be probed by a capable police officer.
It was not known whether final rites of Melvyn would be carried out in the coming days.  The deputy superintendent of police, Vasco, Mr Mahesh Gaonkar, the deputy superintendent of police, Margao, Mr Umesh Gaonkar, the joint mamlatdar, Mormugao, Mr Brijesh Manerkar, police inspectors, Mr Braz Menezes (Vasco), Mr Rajan Nigale (Mormugao), Mr Tushar Vernekar (Colva) and Mr Raju Raut Desai (Canacona) were camping at Cansaulim.
Is transfer of Jivba Dalvi the only solution or will any action be taken against him. It appears that the higher officers of the Goa Police department are always hell bent on saving their “Hafta collectors” be they police constables or Jivba Dalvi who is also a HAFTA COLLECTOR of the police department.
Well done people of Arossim and likewise all the Goans should come forward and get this evil of a man called Jivba Dalvi the “Hafta Collector” dismissed. Otherwise it will turn out to be like the case of Cipriano, who was murdered my the Panjim Police including suspended PI Sandesh Chodancar getting off lightly with only suspension.


renoir said...

Transfer to another location should in no way be the answer to this case. The fact that witnesses have come forward to openly make statements that Jivba Dalvi did try to remove evidence is sufficient grounds for his involment or him trying to sabotage the investigation.How does one officer just right off a case as Natural death without even doing an investigation? Dalvi needs to be stripped of all his benefits and put under a thorough CBI investigation team. That will definetely spill a lot of beans.  Rescently we have seen  couple of death's   being dismissed by the investigation officers as " Natural Death" when infact the reality is that they have been murdered by criminals and who were these criminals ? Lets not forget Ciprianos case where the Police themselves were the criminals. So many allegations, so many issues of possesion of Disproportinate assets with Dalvi. What has the system done to book him? In fact he has won praises and even got promotions for his evil acts.I hope this time the hand of the law catches up with him and may the united force of the Villagers of Cansaulim teach him to respect a human life and not take it for granted as has been done by him. 

Michael said...

the police and some politicians are real well organised hafta collector gangs of goa, so do not be fooled by their leader that the police will take the case to its logical conclusion.  
what is viscera report? it is a test for presence of poisons in the deceased body parts like lungs ,heart, kidneys, blood, brain. here it appears that melwin was murdered and the physical injuries and mysterious blood etc on site indicate to clear murder and SO VISCERA TEST IN THIS CASE IS NOT IMPORTANT . the most and immediate need of hour is the unity of villagers must demand from the police to find the persons who caused the injuries and who murdered not get fooled by police that viscera report will throw light on murder. i am an medical expert in forensic medicine and in this particular death viscera will indicate that there are no poisons found in the deceased organs, so the police will dictate to the forensic doctor to write the death as natural death.but what about the injuries????. the police will say that they were caused as the deceased was struggling and the injuries are just superficial bruises.a similar case had happened in canacona that of one Domnic coutinho in July 2008.his entire murder cover up is on the police in goa have all the degrees with them because they have licence to kill those who do not comply to their ideology. they become super surgeon and they dictate reports to be written as they want. this must stop only then the doctors performing autopsy will be doing a fair job. 
only unity for dismissal of PI jivba dalvi will teach the police department to be proper police .if this coverup had to happen in other states this type of unity would have burnt the jivba dalvi alive. may the soul of melvin rest in peace. may the unity that is there be there always and may rest of goans also know that they are being taken for a ride by faulty investigation which can be stopped only with people unity.
it is really heartbreaking but the family members must stay strong and dont become sentimental . do not take possession of the body till all those who committed the murder are convicted. it is very difficult but if we cannot take the responsibility now then it will go on .look what they have done to cipriano .do not get fooled by false promises of the police .this police are more to serve the illegal hoteliers and real estate agent as they get huge hafta for cover up in illegality.

Areallyfedupgoan said...

Michael bab,
you have so nicely tried to take the horse to the water, but will the horse drink water?
I am pessimistic about it,how many more Domnics,Ciprianos,Melwyns,. have to loose their lives till we wake up?
Cant we take a morcha to Ravi's house? 
yes we can but who will bell the cat?
I am ready is any body willing to come with me?
We collected 40 lakhs and gave to the parents of a boy who got ill and died in Gulf.
Cant we think of the Melwyns family?
cant we file a case in each police station against Dalvi for destroying the evidence at the scene of the murder?
how many of our brothers have to sacrifice their lives?
And  whose will be the next turn?

My dear readers think about all these and answer to my comment.
how many more of us have to sacrifice?

let us all Goans stay in peace.


Anotherfedupgoan said...

dear Michael I went to the link goamurdermystery and was amazed to find out how much the family fought to get justice. A few questions i would like to ask.
1)why is the autopsy report handwritten?
2)This Avinash pujari is the paltu kutta of which ever govt in power, his job is to cover another kutta of the govt.
3)The investigating officer Suraj Halankar has paid so many lakhs to become PI and subsequent posting his only aim is to recover his money in thousandfold.

Why cant we take advice from the family of Domnic to fight for the justice of Melwyn?


Joel Morais said...

Government inquiries are never completed.Were law and order the same like the present during the Portuguese Rule in Goa.The only people who have taken the best advantage of Goa's liberation are the ugly politicians,the Uniformed thieves,Police and the fake freedom fighters.I would say we wanted freedom,we got it,now face the consequences.VIVA GOA!

Anand Desai Mopa. said...

Melwyn lost his life while the police who covered his murder is being transferred. The policeman should be charged for perjury, how many cover ups of its Children is Goa going to except? It is only right we stand up against these corrupt police men.

Agusto Kumpar said...

It is ten days since the crime is committed and the Goa police have not arrested a single person in the case they need to take in THE MADAM and her brother in for question how come the print media do not have the name of the MADAM who was the care taker of the construction site and late Melvin reported to her as site supervisor.

Where are the three Nepali security guards how were they allowed to go scot free.

The angle of Matka bookie kingpin of Verna area  Aboobakr Sheikh alias Babloo, land shark Mauvin Godinho and PI Jivba Dalvi recent trp to Dubai needs to be probed throughly there is smoke without fire they are involved directly or indirectly.

May the soul of Late Melvin Gomes rest in eternal peace and get the required Justice may his young family have the strength and courage to carry on!!

N.Fernandes-London said...

IN the year 2005, in a raid it was discoverd that  Jivba Dalvi , wile posted at Colva,amassed a fortune of Rs.3.2 Million.
It is now the Year 2011, and one can only winder how much he has amassed by now.
No doubt, to avoid income Tax and to conceal his wealth, he has with the assistance of Mauvin Godinho and another Cansaulim crook and shoddy Builder called Aboobakr Shaik (Babloo),must have BAnked illegal Black money in Dubai.
If the Goan authorities are serious in stopping Black Money transactions, they need to only investigate the trips made to Dubai by Dalvi.
On average a Goan Tourist (not NRI working abroad) will visit a foreign country just once or at best twice.
However when it is done several times, as will be indicated on a Passport, and specially by a high Rank Policeman, rank, it must be suspicious.

Dalia said...

I fully support your intention and idea. Still, as you said who will bell the cat? The answer - "we all". If we refuse to eat the crumbs and succumb to pressure, refuse to accept money and vote wisely, catch those accepting money for votes and report, things will change. The next election is crucial. Let us retire all the sitting MLA's and reject their family members. Vote cautiously, vote wisely!

Mario Pequeno said...

The news doing the rounds is that the hotel project is owned jointly by former Prime Minister Deve Gowda's son Kumarswamy from Karnataka and Bollywodd villian Sunil Shetty so what has PI of Verna Jivba Dalvi  stand to gain from this is anyone's guess ...

Advogad Maciel said...

The story now doing the rounds is the hotel project has changed hands from form PM of India Deve Gowda who enjoyed a huge loan from Ramkant Khalap ( Goa Law commission) remember the Mapusa co-operative bank  and is now supposed to be transferred and owned by the Joshis from Thane Mumbai.Nobody's throwing light on the caretaker MADAM and her so called " Bhai" BROTHER what are their names???The " Supari" culture from Thane Mumbai has come to Goa.......

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