“So help me God” unique uni-verse but humanity must track beyond Hades to quest the terms of $ culture. Some considers God as “Spirit of Eternal Life”. The matter explained here is not spiritual or reality builder’s world rather than “In God we trust” phrase inked on the “Democracy Dollar” and later coined in India as “Congress I”.
We are not harking of My-theology, Mythology or “Theology” created out of context of his own image by “King Constantinople”. Ultimately “Congress I” specifies hope of “Indian Congress” or despair of “Congress Indira” dynasty. What was the mystery of Indira Gandhi concealing her name as Indira Nehru rather than Gandhi? Was she ashamed of Nehru dynasty and embraced Mahatma Gandhi’s surname for her political gains to confuse poor masses of India for political nightmares on the guidelines of British or Americans to embrace “I or yours or our eye”. Most of Goan murky educated illiterate politician’s and panchayat fools we quizzed until this day answers Indira Gandhi is the daughter of Mahatma Gandhi.
You will criticize article on Infinity but how much God merchandise on Governments either in dictatorship or republic to profit on His logo? God has zero tolerance for the corrupt leaders or has light years for politicians and yet the great nations and governments have mixed the holy term. Nations are fighting in the name of religion, caste, language and yet the leaders of religion, judiciaries are taking the vows of lies on religious books but why? We have scanned the religious leaders in Goa or in India preaching the “public gone astray” but are under the direct pay roll of USd (united sons of Devils).
Your leaders including village panch prays “so help me God to loot today either in India or in Goa” to complete my 5 years term with your accomplices from heaven or hell? After all “I” and my generation are born to replenish Goa until Alpha and Omega. Think dear Goans of “I or eye” or else all will loose the great culture on which your ancestors resisted foreign or local empires (today its governments). Many of your own Niz Goemkar activists, bloggers, readers and writers, in respective of religion, caste, language are awakening you in interpretations, frustration applying un censored languages highlighting corruption, illegal lands sale to outsiders, rotten governance.
Keep your eyes wide open, be vigilant or you will be subjected in future as “Slum Dwellers” in your motherland carved by your forefathers who once wandered in dignity and “shaped you what you are today”. After all in dollars the world will trust, you and we will rust or the Nimrod of Babel will turn into dust but the son of Santa Monica will be wiser to learn from the “Kid” to empty the ocean in the universe.
We write in interpretations but yet we have to be born as Nostradamus. He was right to predict in persecution and we are worse to access truths in human rights world. Let us work together to maintain tranquility and peace and shape the linguistic world of humanity. We are social animals of equal human race and not the street scavengers like the politicians. Be wise as a kid to elect illiterate or educated not “educated illiterate fools”.
Remember Goans to protect your soil, your exports of ore to nations like China or Japan has expanded their lands by filling the seas and you are now compressing without lands. The peaks which once were holding the water table are now redundant and you hungers for the drop of water unless you begs the rascals. Think and chart a route for your generation to survive or else keep dancing with your leaders. Hope we understand each other languages and may you not segregate us on Nimrod’s ambition to reach beyond the space age. Hypocritically China being communist yet has embraced “In God we trust” pyramid eye. Money is something, everything and in mythology nothing.


David Leitao said...

Emediavoices Let me tell you are blessed with rich wisdom may you always be a blessing to others !!!! Your understanding of philosphy and politics seems to be immense and your are truly a Niz Goenkar really proud to have a Goan brother like you !!! The Mining lobby and these Scoundrel politicians have made a BIG HOLE out of Goa and soon it will be pay back time by Mother Nature it will hit back and it will hit back really hard!!! It is not the violence of the bad people that creates the damage but the silence of the good people thats the cause !!! Now in recent times capitation and donations are sort by these mangements of educational institutions who are very keen on maximisation of profits!!! Now you find the cash rich DEMPOS who have prospered by squeezing  the poor farmers and tenants from Bicholim, Surla, Sanvordem mining areas over the years and now cunnigly selling of the mines to the Vedanta Group for a whooping 1700 crores !!! These rogues are now talking about knowledge mangement centres in Goa alongwith " Class room by night " expert Vishwajeet Rane and VI standard education minister Monster Rat  !!! These Dempos and Rane should move out to Kholapur The Senior Rane with his Agriculture Degree from USA can till the land there. The Dempos and The Ranes alongwith Diggu Kaka have wrecked irreversible damage to the ecology and enviroment of Goa wait and watch my fellow Goenkars the wrath of God working in their lives !!!! The education minister should be given a burial at sea the sooner the better !!! The election capaign manager of the Congress I  the scamster Mauvin Godinho the man from Mangor Hill is  now become the Lord of Miramar where he owns one floor of  a huge building overlooking the Arabian Sea and another floor in Dona Paula and off course the QUEENY by diverting construction material from the RAVINDRA BHAVAN at Sancoale what have you the QUEENY !!! Mauvin should NOW be given a long rope ............. !!! Amche Goem Maka Zai !!!!

Emediavoice said...

We appreciate David your hunger for "Amche Goem Maka Zai" and we learns the beauty of your unselfish lines.That is the natural philosophy we love to learn from Goans.Your phrase is beyond explanation, which you have composed for us to read since 1961. The second line we extract " the silence of the good people" is the true reason the current Goans are in diaspora and may even disappear in a few years.

Perdro Lopes said...

Indira Nehru's husband was Firoze Gandhi / Gandy, he was a parsi and no parisis have Gandhi as surname, most certainly the surname was given to him by Mohandas Gandhi, Indira's parents were against this marriage as he was not a Hindu, Mohandas Gandhi brokered the marriage, they got married somewhere in 1942.

Shyam Sawant said...

Sorry Perdro you are mistaken badly, Indira Gandhi's husband is not a Parsi but a Muslim, his real name is Feroze Khan.  It was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who suggested the change in name of Feroze and declared he was a parsi.  Indira Gandhi then converted herself to Islam.  Likewise Rajiv Gandhi converted to Catholicism when he married Sonia and took the name Robert.  I shall try to get more information on this soon.

Perdro Lopes said...

Will RTI help, if I would apply with 10 rupees?

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