FIGHT FOR RIGHTS by Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falcão

It seems so obvious to all Goans that they have to fight for their rights by themselves. It is made to be presumed that the Constitution of India does not apply to Goans as Goa was not a part of India when the Constitution was drafted and that the rights of citizens of India do not apply to Goans.
Or else, how does one explain that no authority comes to the rescue of Goans and their children when the Judiciary as well as the Administration is informed of a possible threat or apprehension of risk to life, liberty, property of Goan citizen or intimidation which amounts to trampling on the rights of the public by the call for ‘Bundh’ on the 6th of June?
Can the Administration not impose Sec. 144 to prevent a breach of peace?
Can the Administration not conduct preventive arrests of those who have given a call for the Bundh?
Does the Administration want to see a public retaliation ‘a la Bali’ type?
How long does the Government think public patience can hold?
These are the same people who are on record for stating that Goans were servile during the Portuguese regime; and so they want it continued by intimidating the public?
If Goans have to fight it by themselves, SO BE IT!


Perdro Lopes said...

This is a perfect proof that we are the colony of the north, it's a given fact that we Goans the colony of the north have no rights, India with the blessing of nehru and nehru with the blessing of Gandhi invaded us on the 19th of December 1961,
Under the Portuguese we had more rights and respect, but these indians wanted to give us more respect and value, perfect example is the bandh on the 6th of june, this day is going to be a black day for Goa as thousands of maharashtrian will show their muscles on us Goans.

Buyarantlomonis said...

Dotor ..  The Invaders administration cannot impose Sec. 144 to prevent a breach of peace. since Goa is not part of India.
The Administration cannot conduct preventive arrests of those who have given a call for the Bundh because Mr Manohar Parynkar
is an IIT graduate ( Institute of International Terrorism) and remember he did his pre primary in Marathi with Mr Bandodcar the Traitor of Goa. The Congress & the BGP are political parties from the invaders, Goa's national party is " Donn Panna" & its founder is none other than Dotor Jack Sequeira the Father of our Golden Goa.( Peace be upon him) .
Niz Goan people have always loved the Portuguese & nothing will change their thinking.

The Administration will see a public retaliation when none of these forting chors get elected in November, unless post November the situation should not be " Bailo Chor ... Ghorcho Bedhi" 

We should have Independence

Viva Goa Portugal

Emediavoice said...

Great Dr. Ferdinando, the momentum of patience is now exploding on the streets of Goa. For years your fellow Goans remained like Susegado Pav (Bread) separated by the butter of politicians. Its time for every individual who feels themselves as true Goans or Niz Goenkars to bark right now in the streets for their rights rather than remaining puppies at home.

David Leitao said...

Dotor Jack Sequeira and Erasmo Sequeira and other United Goan stalwarts we salute you !!! We live in Goa because of your sacrifices but the present politicians are self seekers with vested interests !!! What can you expect from likes of Babu Azgaokar and Parrikar and Chorchill and scamesters like Mauvin Godinho and conmen like Pratapsinh Rane BULLSHITERS of the highest order Babush Monsterat whose heart beats for Dubai and Yemenis  !!!! You 40 chor MLA go hang yourselves or put a milestone around your necks and jump in the Arabian Sea!!!!

Nizachogoenkar said...

Free Goa Free Goa. Nehru was a DOG. Preached Ahimsa to the world and On top INVADED GOA. His friends were all Comunists like Mao and Suharto( Who invaded East Timor). IN that aspect George Bush was better , atleast he did not preach peace before the Gulf war. Free Gao, Goans also Vote for a Free Kashmir

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