PANJIM: In a bid to register their protest against the state government decision of recognising English as the Medium of Instruction (MOI), the FAKE freedom fighters in Goa have decided to boycott the Goa Revolution Day function held by the state on June 18.
 Like many others in the state, the freedom fighters, too, feel that the move would prove detrimental to the existence of Konkani and Marathi languages. President of the All Goa Freedom Fighters Association (AGFFA) Naguesh Karmali a fake freedom fighter and living at the expense of the tax payers today said that the freedom fighters would stay away from the government-held Goa Revolution Day functions in Panjim, Margao and Ponda. Goa Revolution Day is celebrated to commemorate the day when state’s liberation struggle against the Portuguese rule had got the boost as freedom fighters had given a call of action against the colonial power.
Fake freedom fighter Karmali claimed that government’s decision on MOI will enslave us to the colonial heritage. However, the freedom fighters will pay homage to the freedom struggle martyrs, after the government function. Through a cabinet decision on May 25, Goa government had recognised English as the MOI in primary schools. The decision had sparked protests across the state.


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Karmali is a Monkey Of India and a scavenger of Goa. Kick all the fake freedom fighters out of Goa, the have brought nothing but misery to Goans. 

Mario said...

Let those assholes stops taking pension and other benefits from government.

Anonymous the VIII said...

No public ever go for these 'revolution Day, freedom day, liberation day', etc, functions in Goa, except the politicians and their dogs who eat out of their hands.
So this time some dogs will be less.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Rightly said Anand, this guy is real scavanger of Goa feeding on our hard earned money, he is suffering from curses of Goans and he should be better jump off from Mandovi bridge and dissapear from the eyes of people. These FF are real jockers and unnecessary burdened on us.

dlp said...

Let these fakes boycott the function and sit near the Municipality markets with a coconut shell (Kott'tti) in their hand to collect their pension. People will give at least "Ful na Pakli" so that they won't die of hunger.

Usko Goenkar said...

Would like to know 1 thing, if anyone can enlighten me, as i was to young to remember, when the
Konkani agitation took place; I know my Salcete was the spear head for it,
What I want to know is, were these so called Self Proclaimed Freedom Farts there when “Goa Really needed them” did they fight for Konkani, if they were there, how in the world did they not stop Marathi from happening ????
He’s talking about going back to Colonial times if English is Granted MOI, what the hell is he talking about, does he want to live in the 18th Centaury?  
Seems their Pockets and Conscience have not got the better of them yet, eating Taxpayers money all these years…..
If its 50 years since we were invaded by the Indian Army, wonder how old these So called Freedom Fighters were when they fought for Goa, am only wondering for how many more years will we have to feed these A$$holes!

Nisar786 said...

naguesh karmali you are a dog you should be send to the rescue centre with tai taking care of you.
this all hapens because our ministers are weak specially the ruling party in goa we need new new faces not this 40 thieves who have ruined our goa.if you want to stop aid to english then stop aid to marati which is not our goan language.karmali dont attend the revolution day.there dogs are not allowed and old tai who is dreaming of becoming cm and handing over goa to maharastra

John said...

as long as there are illiterate people in goa like karmali and taliban gang like kakodkar ( woman who murdered her brother to become CM ) and velingkar ( RSS mouth piece) , goa will be looted of its mineral wealth.these fake freedom fighters are paid by these illegal mine owners, land sharks, north indian hotel owners to suppress the voice of people. these people do not want people to study and know of their birth rights. 
in a competitive world these people want our children to study languages as if jobs are freely available.today let karmali show his source of income and show how many people can make a living by following his foolish crazy ideologies.
if we do not survive the competitive world than how can we preserve our language?. goa is bought left and right by north indians who come with crores of rupees just to buy few square meters in goa. we have to have an edge where by we make enough money by good education so that we do not fall in temptation to sell our land and women to these north indians.  today it a question of our survival first and then the language will survive automatically.as the saying goes we should eat to live and not live to eat.
let these fake freedom fighters give back all that they took frudulently by giving false information that they were freedom fighter. they need to eat our shit if they cannot return all that they took from the government.
long live the parents unity irrespective of religion they will make the right choice for their children.
 the fake freedom fighters are thieves and will be shown the road to hell with their extremist views and design plans of RSS and company 

Gobor said...

The real truth is these so called freedom fighters of Goa did not win freedom for Goa. Goa was invaded by the Indian Army after Nehru feared that goa would be freed and was having an option to become a separate Country.

Just heard karmali a couple of hours back he says ".....hea CMakoden koslinch decisiona gheuk zaina..... ".  Karmali's konkani is first of all corrupted by english that he is floundering and groping for the right konkanni words and using english words instead.  before departing  the old sob wants to show-off. But the truth is as I said above

N.Fernandes-London said...

I fully agree with you.Most Goans will go about their normal day to day routines Business.
Some who may attend these functions, are purely there for the NOISES (speech or music)....and perhaps a free drink & food.
Goans do not trust their Government or Administrators...so there is nothing worth celebrating.

Neville said...

What liberation are you karnali talking about? Its INVASION, you idiot. Stay home, boycott the function, you wont be missed, infact we all will be happy that a lecherous criminal parasite masquerading as a freedom fighter is unable to draw attention to himself with his self glorifying falsehoods. You've been totally exposed here, so GTH you idiot, the sooner the better.
As some commented above, most goans stay away from these functions except those for whom it is sustenance, which includes the dirty scoundrel politicians, police, fake freedom farters and of course the crumb eaters to please their masters.

Salvador Seraulim said...

How can anyone class themselves as freedom fighters, what
have they freed us from? The invading Indians Raped and killed our women.

The true Fighter of Goa was Dr.Jack Sequeira and his
followers who saved Goa from going into Ghanti Land. Yet he lived on his own
expenses and was never honoured by our current politicans.

Gobor said...

I am in fact very pleased about this. For the first time such a function would be free of fake  patriots.

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