PANJIM: The opponents of grant of recognition to English as a medium of instruction (MOI) in the state-aided primary schools on Monday threatened to step up the agitation.  "We will boycott and protest at all the government functions where ministers and legislators from ruling camp are present....We may even forcibly disrupt functions," said Pundalik Naik, a veteran writer and leader of Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM), at a press conference here today.
The state's decision to grant recognition to English as an MOI along with Konkani and Marathi has met with howls of protest. Those opposed to the decision fear that it will lead to demise of Marathi/Konkani medium schools.
Several people were arrested on the Goa Revolution Day as they staged protests during the government functions to mark the day in Panaji and Margao.  BBSM chairman, Shashikala Kakodkar, said the agitation would now be intensified by holding public meetings in the constituencies represented by pro-English MLAs.
Next month, BBSM has planned sit-ins across the state to create awareness about the issue. As per the new policy, the existing Konkani/Marathi medium schools can switch to English medium, and continue to get funds. – PTI


Lance Dias said...

These BBSM people I do not understand why are you against English medium? Our mothertongue Konkani will be taught along with that ,English is required and is a must when it comes to competativeness in the Job market or business.That is the bottom line.One more thing there is always a mention of Marathi along with Konkani which these people are arguing about ,Why marathi? we are not ghantis to adopt or learn that Language .Konkani Language has not been wiped out of Goa as yet even when there was the Portugese regime,and it will not be wiped out of Goa even if English is taught in schools. We goans will take it wherever we go Lisboa,London,Swindon ,Sydney or Perth, its our only Identity ! and BBSM  why don't you put your time and effort in the betterment of the State ,oppose corrupt politicans other than make a Tiatr of things ! BBSM you are a BUTT of jokes :D boooooooo

Gobor said...

 I  challenge them to enter Navelim  even if Digambar and Charchill gives them police escort.

 Both these bumchums are on the quite allowing the BBSM  to agitate so that they will quell it and claim credit for it and at the same time not entirely loose out on support of BBSM people.

Cyrus masca said...

Great.........atleat our freedom fighter will get opportunity to sit in Ac toilet.

Neville said...

So much for the so called freedom from portuguese... just so they can shit in A/C toilets

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

They should do their sit in at Kharia Bhandhar, and enjoy the aroma of the shit houses there.

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