PANJIM: The directorate of education on Friday issued the circular to various schools around the state as regards the government decision to provide grants to the English medium primary schools.  The Government is hell bent on supporting Marathi over Konkani though the Marathi Language is a foreign language and unwanted by Goans in Goa.  This is under the pressure of Sudin Dhavlikar and Divorcee Shashikala Tai.
Maintaining that every government aided primary school adopting English as the medium of instruction will ensure that Konkani/ Marathi shall be a compulsory subject from standard I right up to standard X, the circular stated, “This vernacular language shall be compulsory subject in a phased manner, year by year, in the secondary section, beginning with effect from the academic year 2011-2012.”
“All government aided primary schools imparting education in Konkani or Marathi medium as of date will be granted permission to open classes in English medium simultaneously, provided that there is a minimum number of 20 students in a division as per the existing rules in the particular medium of instruction as sought by the parents,” the circular informed, noting that “It shall be the responsibility of the school managements/heads to ensure that they take in writing the desire of each parent with regard to the medium of instruction for their child/ward as per the enclosed proforma.”
A proforma attached to the circular is expected to assist the schools to seek information about the choice of the parents as regards the medium of instruction.  “The proposal of release of grants to the primary schools with English as medium of instruction has been under consideration of the government for sometime past,” the circular stated, mentioning, “After careful consideration of various implications involved, the government has taken the following decisions for the release of grant to the primary schools with English as medium of instruction from the academic year 2011-2012.”
Furthermore, the circular stated, “The aided primary schools adopting Konkani/ Marathi as the medium of instruction will continue with the present dispensation.”  “Unaided English medium primary schools existing as of date, will be entitled for the government grant subject to necessary infrastructure as per the Education Rules in force, willing to adopt Konkani or Marathi as a compulsory subject in a phased manner, year by year, commencing from standards I in 2011-12, and no fees, whatsoever, to be charged to any of the students,” the circular maintained.
Finally, the circular stated, “The government has decided to open English medium divisions in government primary schools if the parents (of students) of these schools express the need in writing as per the proforma enclosed.”
The management of the government/ government aided/ private unaided, primary/ middle/ secondary schools have been requested to communicate their willingness for the scheme envisaged in the circular, along with the proforma attached mentioning about the choice of the parents to be submitted to the DoE by June 23, 2011.
Meanwhile, the DoE stated that there could be many difficulties in implementing the circular such as a student having to learn subjects pertaining to three compulsory languages – English, Hindi and Marathi/ Konkani, with foreign languages like Portuguese and French, and Indian languages like Sanskrit having to be dropped altogether. “We will have to get back to the government as regards these difficulties,” the directorate maintained. The DoE will be releasing the guidelines for the release of grants to the English primary schools on June 30.


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