On 8th June Mr. Digambar Kamat completes 4 years as Goa’s Chief Minister. In a year’s time the people will judge the performance of this government by pressing a button on the electronic voting machines. But ask any aadmi today and he will agree that Mr. Digambar Kamat has been Goa’s worst Chief Minister. Some of his achievements are only on paper and far different from the ground reality.
Digambar Kamat has not been able to control his ministers either. Every minister has his own agenda and is a law by himself. They have been successfully blackmailing and coercing the Chief Minister to bow down to their demands. This has been the most corrupt and weakest government. There has been a total collapse in the administration. We cannot expect the bureaucracy to be honest if the political leadership which controls the levers of power stinks of corruption.
Mr. Digambar Kamat, we all know was a compromise Chief Minister. He has been working overtime on the balancing act. You cannot administer the State when you are pre-occupied safeguarding your chair. In doing this it is Goa and Goans who have lost over the last four years.
Digambar Kamat survived several political coups and attempts to dislodge him. By divine providence or sheer luck he has been holding to the Chair. Despite all the political turmoil and with so many unresolved issues confronting Goa, Digambar Kamat has been able to hang on as Chief Minister. This government is known only for its assurances and keeping decisions in abeyance. The Chief Minister must have himself lost track of the hundreds of committees he has constituted to examine various issues. He may be indecisive but Digambar Kamat never looses his calm. He always remains as cool as an ice cream. Even when confronted, he does not retaliate. For this he needs to be given the credit.
Digambar Kamat’s government has failed on all counts. There has been a morcha or a demonstration somewhere almost every day. The government has been very insensitive to people’s concerns and it has reflected by people having to come out on the streets. The number of Public Interest litigations being filed in the High Court has sky-rocketed. Almost every decision of this government is being challenged either in the Courts or on the streets.
Law and order is a key to the prosperity and well being of any society. The unlawful acts of the mining and builders lobby together with the political mafia is very distressing. A small state like Goa could have maintained its peace and tranquility but the ground realities are a matter of great concern. If no immediate corrective steps are taken we may reach a point of no return. The recent happenings at Balli should be an eye-opener. Maintaining law and order should be our priority. Our state will see economic and social prosperity if we can keep our streets safe. If the rule of law is allowed to prevail we could definitely claim that Goa is India's best state in all respects.
The framers of our constitution had envisaged one set of laws for all regardless of caste, creed, and financial or political strengths. Unfortunately in the last four years of Digambar Kamat’s rule we have seen that everything can be manipulated depending on muscle power political patronage and financial clout. In reality we have seen one set of laws for the rich and powerful and another for the weak and vulnerable.
We all know that the Digambar Kamat government has misplaced priorities. It has always been able to find a way to squander money. The Chief Secretary and other officers are duty bound to audit the plans and schemes the politicians want formulated. Every paisa from the State exchequer needs to be well spent and duly accounted for. But sadly bureaucrats in Goa today do not by way of fiscal responsibility raise any queries or objections on public money going down the drain.
On every front this government has lacked the spine and vision to act firmly. Even on the exorbitant fees being paid to the Advocate General, the Chief Minister has not acted despite his assurances. He has allowed Goa to have the highest paid Advocate General with the State exchequer being burdened by the over five crores paid to Mr. Subodh Kantak over the last five years.
The levels of corruption in Goa have been soaring and escalating over recent years. If Digambar Kamat is able to ensure that Goa gets a Lokayuta in 2011 he may be still be remembered for the right reasons.
In the last four years Mr. Digambar Kamat’s only achievement is that against all odds he has been able to keep for himself the Chief Minister’s chair. On a personal note he has been able to get both his children married while being the Chief Minister.
This year as we complete 50 years of Goa’s liberation it should have been time to rejoice. There is nothing to celebrate about as Goa is engaged in another battle. This time to liberate itself from a system that has become so inefficient and awfully corrupt.


Mathew said...

Mr. Aires why don’t you
think of being  a CM of Goa. It is high
time now; the people of Goa should elect someone new and not look at his or her
wealth. Let us all join together and give them a chance before Goa and Goans
are made to suffer. The Goa CM is Rubbish I know him very well. He cannot
handle his own constituency, Margao.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Without giving free hand to his bunch of croonies how can he cling on to his Chair?. What may come, Goa or Goan may go to Dog's but this CM will never ever leave his chair. He has given free for all loot and loot and that is how this Govt. survives on bluffs.
By the way, Aires I totally resent your mentioning of Liberation in last paragh, who says Goa's 1961 is liberation and where it is mentioned in reality?.

Cyrusmasca said...

Aires can't get elected to PMC from Ribander, as people of Ribander know him very well. Forget of CM, let him become the MLA first.

David Leitao said...

Aires In the last 30 years Goan politics has become a cesspool of corruption where the big lumps of shit float to the top like Diggu Bhai, Chorchill, Micckey de Ratol, Monsterrat, Parrikar, Vishwajeet Rane and the Election campaign Manager Gouudinho. Hope you are not in the same league I have my doubts!!! Down with all the 40 chors !!! Down with you FORNICATORS !!!

Mario said...

Digambar is not a CM but a "Nandi Bull" who know only to shake head saying he will look into the matter.B'cas of him bastards like Ravi Naik and Chorchill are protecting criminals as well looting the state freely.Nandi Bull Digambars tongue should chopped and feed Margao stray dogs.

Shyam Sawant said...

Digambar Cowmuth is the worst buffaloe that we got for as a CM.  The reason he is sitting on the chair as a CM is only because he is helping the other thieves escape law and helping them break law in every possible way.  This donkey of a CM should be paraded naked in the streets of Goa.

Theresa D'Cruz said...

It is an embarrassment to have ministers the these and I mean which includes BJP fellows as well.  All are birds of the same feather and behind the scenes flock together under the umbrella of Digambar Kamat.

Nizachogoenkar said...

Wait  a few years. This Mulla Digambara's birthday will be Celebrated as Id in Moti Dongor. There will be a Mulla Digambara Darga, with all swords around

Mathew said...

Exactly Mr. Sawant you are 1oo% correct.

Nizachogoenkar said...

Chief Minister Or THIEF Minister?

Shambuellaswamy said...

Airies Bab, atleast with the Congress govt it is a disaster, but with your BJP it would have been a holocast. We have experienced the BJP rule for 2-3 years when it was supported by jokers and crooked elements like Aires. It was like a fascist rule with the RSS saffron agenda being thrust on all Goans. All govt institutions were being sytematically saffronised. Even the police force and education was communalised and hatred was taught to students as part of education policy. Aires is Parrikar's chamcha and gets dole fronm the Sangh Parivar.

The good part is no body trusts him and this is evident from the fact that he cannot even win as a councillor from Ribandar.

Congress govt is corrupt and inefficient no doubt, it is because it is full of illiterate ministers like Alemao bros, Ravi Naik,Babu Azgaonkar etc etc... But the level of politics in Goa and India has degerated to such a level that people prefer robbers/looters to murderers who kill people.

The only silver lining here is that people like Aires can be easily bought and made to sing to your tune. He is a crook of the first order. But use him to make noise..... then fight your own battles. This guy has got talent.....to sensationalise issues ....and make money.

Anand Desai said...

Under the current CM, you have money and you escape justice, Drugs are freely available and migrants are made our masters. 

Perdro Lopes said...

Hi Aires
Idiot, traitor, I had mentioned before and now I'm warning you, please don't contaminate our minds by saying it's liberation, idiot it's invasion on the 19th of December 1961. We are under Indian rule after invasion, if it was liberation as you idiot mention then we would be like east Timor  or  Bangladesh or any country that was liberated and has their own rule. It's invasion idiot and we Goans don't have our own rule nor our own flag nor our own currency nor our own language, Still worse not even our own football team.

Your word's for the last time idiot { This year as we complete 50 years of Goa’s liberation it should have been time to rejoice}

Gobor said...

In a democracy where numbers matter most, I don't  think the Ghanti's know who is Aires Rodrigues. That is why  I firmly believe that in any state migrants not having  a domicile for at least 20 years should be dienfranchised for any  state's Legislative Assemb elections. For the Migrant,  whoever gives them money is their God.

Gobor said...

Right said Pedr-bab. But do you know we can still fight for it. And nobody can say this is sedition-speak. because I say GOA WAS ILLEGALLY INVADED ONCE NEHRU KNEW THRU UN THAT GOA COULD BECOME A SEPARATE COUNTRY.

Gobor said...

THIS ONE'S  DEDICATED TO Ludicrous Digu and his beloved











(c) This piece is copylefted by gobor


Mario said...

Aires is don todacho mallon...he bend where there is money...that is the reason he is not even getting 100 votes.

Gobor said...

Like I said the niz goans should now fight to disenfranchise ghanti's without 20 years of domicile for the comming lok sabha elections. Only niz goans should vote. That should be the next agitation. You and i know about Goan politicians. how do ghanti's know. and every state should have this law.
And this is only logical given that fact that a small state like Goa,  the original goenkars have become a minority.
What you and I say gives us kicks only on the web. All niz goans agiate to achive this. Question the Election commision about this.

Aires having legal knowlege knows best  Please throw more light on this.

I know you are being criticised by you locals, But the general  public in throughout Goa appreciate your guts.  And Guts means consience not Congress or BJP allegiance.

stephen vaz said...

Cyrusmasca if you cant do any good at least dont stop others from trying too. Aires is doing good job , we should help him expose the people with might.

stephen vaz

stephen vaz said...

absolutely correcto , he is a HIJDA , idarbi udarbi.
stephen vaz

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