Goa's mother tongue is Konkani and not the Marathi. The following political parties the Nationalist Congress Party, Bharatiya Janata Party, Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and Shiv Sena are not promoting Konkani but the marathi and comeback issue of merger with Maharashtra. The Salcete District Catholic people saved the Konkani language and rejected the merger.
Sushikala kakodkar, Arvind Bhatikar, etc. are anti- Catholics and Roman Konkani spoken by the Catholics. This protest is against the Salcete Catholics which are Goan Nationalist and anti-Nehru and Bharat.
The English language is the Commercial language of the Catholic Hub.
The Roman Catholics always educated their children in English medium Missionary schools likes of Loyola, Popular, New Era, Adarsh, Fatima, Saint Brito, Don Bosco, Bhatikar High school, or Peoples school in Panjim, etc. or many other Missionary Schools not mentioned loud during the Portuguese regime. Besides Catholics many Goan Hindu Parents preferred to send their children in English medium schools. The Government of Goa must extend grants to all schools that prefer to teach in English medium.
As it's India has destroyed any hopes of getting a decent job in Goa that pays a good salary to raise the household of an average civilized family.
India has destroyed its own country and now joined destroy Goa putting fight among Catholics and Hindus.
The Goan people must realize to build their country Goa and stay away from the Hindustan. Indians are uncivilized they have no place in Goa. Indians must leave the occupied territory of Goa and let alone allow Goans build their country. It's simply Goans are not Indian ganthis. The Catholics love Roman Konkani and love Goa better than anyone realized.


Buyarantlomonis said...

Do we have our case still open in the UN ? can someone write on the treaty signed by Mario Silva in 1974 ?

Anand Desai Mopa said...

All the parties mentioned above are ant-Goan and anti Catholics, Those that took part in the bandh and terrorized our school children in Goa should be branded as terrorists because they are one. 

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