PANJIM: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday said they opposed the handover of the Mapusa district hospital to a private company to be run under the PPP mode.  BJP also demanded that the chief secretary inquire into the illegalities in the bidding process.  "We oppose this on grounds of public interest and on grounds of corruption," opposition leader Manohar Parrikar said.
Speaking to media persons in Panjim, Parrikar demanded that chief secretary Sanjay Srivastava look into the illegalities and stop the handover immediately. "If they don't take appropriate action, then bureaucrats will have to face the music," Parrikar said.
Parrikar stated that during the budget session of the assembly, health minister Vishwajit Rane had assured the house that he would not allow privatization of the entire district hospital.
Going by the government's decision to handover the hospital to a private company for 20 years it appears that the minister is pursuing a plan to privatize it in entirety, the opposition leader said.
Parrikar also pointed out that government has no alternative plan if the private player fails.  "Once the district hospital is open there will be more than four lakh patients attending the OPD and 20,000 operations will be conducted in the hospital per year. If after two years the private company realizes that it cannot run the hospital there is no alternative plan with the government," Parrikar said.


Goanfirst said...

Amongst the blind one eyed jack is the king?
Mr parrikar how long you will fool yourself?
do you mean that out of approx 8 lakhs people in north Goa 4 lakhs will go for treatment at the district hospital?
and all other hospitals and clinic cater to another 4 lakhs
do you mean all north Goans will need treatment in a year.
of course privatizing govt hospitals should not be allowed.
only person who will receive pocketful will be the health minister.
we have to pack up these chaps in the next assembly election
take money/gifts,treats and don't vote these scoundrels should be the catch line 

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