During the British rule in India, Indians were made to adore and accept British Monarchical rule. After the independence Congress Party of India inherited the role of British Monarchy where Indians were either voluntarily or involuntarily made to adore and accept Congressmen as Indian Monarchs. Nehru became the first De Facto Monarch of India and his rule and word became sanctified. No Indian would easily question him firmly even if he was wrong.
Whatever he did was accepted as constitutionally and devinely correct. After India’s debacle against China in 1962 some patriotic voices demanded his resignation but instead cunningly he made his Malyali crook defence minister Krishna Menon scapegoat for this defeat against China and made Menon to resign. But at that point of time Nehru asked the nation this question: “Who after me? If I resign, who will take over from me?” As if Nehru’s rule is inevitable.
In order to maintain his dynasty, Nehru started grooming his daughter Indira Gandhi the widow of Feroze Gandhi from Parsi community. She was a very intolerant and undemocratic woman. Nehru did not like these nasty attributes of her yet she was his own biological child whom he wanted to be his heir to the throne. However, before he could groom her fully he died and immediately following his death a Ghandian, Gurzarilal Nanda was appointed as interim period premier of India till Lal Bahadur Shastri was elevated to the premiership. When Shastri died in Russia at Tashkent, senior Congressmen brought in Indira Gandhi against Morarjee Desai as premier.
Her election was favoured by the senior Congressmen because they thought it would be easier for them to handle her like a toy since Morarjee Desai was a hard nut to crack. Secondly being the daughter of Nehru, she was a good object to catch votes for Congress Party. But within a short time by being true to her natural self, she splitted Congress Party into two parts and she became the De Facto Monarch of India thus Indian monarchical inheritance remaining into Nehru family only till she was brutally assassinated by her own Sikh body guards because she was responsible for desecrating their religious place in Punjab.
While she was ruling India as an undisputed monarch she started grooming her younger son Sanjay Gandhi to take over from her reins. He was such a rascal; with the backing of his mother he could do anything in India. He was like Saddam Hussein’s one son Uday whose word was authority – either do what I say or else face the brutal consequences. As destined Sanjay was killed in a small plane crash. The deaths of both the mother and son no doubt tragic but were blessings in disguise. May their souls rest in peace and may the heavenly God forgive them for their cruel and brutal sins. However, if they both were alive a little longer period, India would face lot of problems of their making.
After Sanjay Gandhi’s death, Indira Gandhi against his wishes brought into politics her elder son Rajiv who was working as a Commercial Pilot. This she did because she wanted Indian artificial Monarchical system under Nehru’s family to continue. As destined, Rajiv also had to go like his mother and he left this world thru assassination. May his soul rest in peace.
Not satisfied, like shameless Indians to please the shameless Indian voters Congress Party brought in a new Monarch, a foreigner, an Italian, widow of Rajiv Gandhi at the helm of affairs in India. Sonia Gandhi was a novice to politics, she was not an intellectual giant but yet she was brought into picture to maintain the dynastic rule of Nehru family.
The shameless Congressmen were so stupid that they even wanted to appoint her as premier of India only to maintain the Nehru family link thru her. Good that spotless person Manmohan Singh was readily available otherwise Congressmen again would make the Indians bow their heads down to white skin as Indians used to do during the British rule like slaves.
According to the latest media reports, Congress Party is in favour of appointing Rahul Gandhi a 41 year old boy and a son of Sonia Gandhi as the next premier of India. This shows again how Nehru dynasty is going to be foisted on Indians. Is Rahul Gandhi so exceptionally talented Indian to rule India?
Is there no one in Congress Party a seasoned, a matured and an experienced Indian to become the premier of India? Is Rahul Gandhi so smart a politician to supersede all other experienced Congressmen? Sonia Gandhi will surely make her way clear to get Rahul Gandhi to the throne of Indian Monarch. This is nothing but a dynastic rule of India under Nehru’s dynasty. It is a pity that we Indians are so slavish to accept anybody foisted on us even against our wishes.
While dynastic rule is going on at the Centre, the same type of system is also going on in Goa. Papa Rane after enjoying the cream of Goa brought in Baba Rane from the back door, openly and clandestinely supporting his election to the Assembly from non-Congress party. And now, Jr. Rane is a Health Minister of Goa who is all out to destroy Goa.
Mapusa Hospital fiasco is one of his wrong acts. Papa Rane wants his son also to enjoy the Maharaja status in Goa thru dynastic political system and gradually he may elevate him to the post of CM of Goa by making him De Jure Monarch of Goa. Papa Rane knows the taste of being Monarch of Goa as he himself earlier was elevated to that throne. This is another dynastic system going on in Goa because Goan voters are slaves of dynastic system. To maintain this dynastic system concerned politicians will do anything even committing crimes and selling their wives and daughters to the highest bidders.
The next in line coming sprintingly is Alemao dynasty. Alemaos of Goa are grooming their children to follow them and occupy the thrones of the elder Alemaos. Senior Alemaos by being in politics have tasted the charms and greenery filled in politics.
When you get portfolios in politics you get all the wealth without spending a penny from your own personal pocket. Ample of money, ample of illicit sex, ample of unimaginable luxuries, ample of power and ample of bribes to lead a life of a Monarch or Maharaja. For such people politics is the only path to get what they cannot dream in their normal lives. Some of the politicians who during their younger days could not afford to see Panjim are now staying in Government Bungalows at Panjim Altinho.
This is like a Heaven for such politicians. Once they taste these luxuries they want their children also to taste. Unfortunately the children of politicians are more corrupt than their corrupt politician parents because at home only while in their infancy they learn the knowledge of corruption from their corrupt parents. Once these children attain the role of Monarchs, they implement corrupt practices much better than that of their corrupt parents.
The other Monarchs in making are the sons of Ravi Naik and Monsurate. Without attaining any official positions they are as alleged acting like De Facto Monarchs and with the support of their fathers they are known to have done so many acts detrimental to the good of society. There is a saying in Konkani which says “Raza Podon mhontlear Mort marunk zaina”.
But in Goa, the children of the ministers are committing crimes not only on Goans but also on Goa. Why this is happening? This is happening because we Goans like hero worship and we Goans love dynastic system. Are we in position to destroy this type of dynastic system in Goa and liquidate artificial monarchs and also monarchs in making? Or will we adore the children of Ministers as if they are De Facto Monarch? First they start as social workers and finally after taking foothold in politics they become Monarchs like their fathers and mothers. They come as Slaves while coming but while going they go as Masters, to quote Leo Tolstoy.


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Well written AVF. Hope your article may at least now awaken the sleeping Goans or else let them dance and gossip with the Congress Popotlals.

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