PANJIM: Panjim Civil Judge Senior Division Mrs. Kshama M. Joshi will on 16th June at 10 am hear the 15 crore defamation case filed by Goa’s controversial Advocate General Mr. Subodh Kantak against Adv. Aires Rodrigues .
Adv. Aires Rodrigues has already requested Judge Kshama Joshi to recuse from hearing the matter as her husband Adv. M.S.Joshi who is a practicing lawyer in Panjim is also a government advocate and a close friend of Advocate General Mr. Subodh Kantak.
Adv. Rodrigues has submitted that Judge Joshi should suo-motu recuse herself from hearing the matter inview of the proximity of her husband to the Advocate General of Goa.
After Adv. Aires Rodrigues highlighted the exorbitant fees being paid to the Advocate General of Goa, Mr. Subodh Kantak initiated two defamation proceedings against Adv. Rodrigues. One of the case from the JMFC’s court moved to the High Court and later to the Supreme Court which later came to be dismissed by the JMFC after Subodh Kantak failed to appear for the hearings.
In the present case pending before Judge Kshama Joshi, Advocate General of Goa, Mr. Subodh Kantak has sought Rs 15 crores by way of compensation from Adv. Aires Rodrigues and has vowed to use the money for charitable causes like old age homes, orphanages and towards the welfare of animals.
Mr. Subodh Kantak who had been accused by Adv. Aires Rodrigues of being the country’s highest paid Advocate General has had to face perhaps the longest cross examination ever with Adv. Rodrigues intensely quizzing Mr. Subodh Kantak on his character, conduct and competency as Advocate General of Goa. Adv. Rodrigues cross examined Advocate General Subodh Kantak for over 26 hours.


Gobor said...

It is said that "Ninty-nine percent of the lawyers give the rest a bad name"
So much for a hurt reputation, I feel soooooooooo sorry for Mr. CUNT-TALK.

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