MARGAO: The office of the Director of NRI Affairs has said that an Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) is not entitled to any political rights. A circular issued by Secretary (NRI), V K Jha categorically said that an OCI is neither entitled to be registered as a voter, nor eligible to be a member of the Legislative Assembly or Parliament, nor entitled to hold Constitutional post such as the President, Vice-president, judge of the High Court or Supreme Court.
“The OCI is also not allowed to hold any public employment/government job or to acquire agricultural and plantation property. He/she can, however, work in private sector without employment visa”, the circular stated.
The circular, however, says the OCI is entitled to many a right, benefit and concessions, including grant of multiple entry lifelong visa for visiting India for any purpose; exemption from registration with foreign regional registration officer or foreign registration officer for any length of stay in India; parity with non-resident Indians in respect of all facilities available to them in economic, financial and educational fields, except in matters relating to acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties; parity with Non-Resident Indians in the manner of inter-country adoption of Indian children; besides parity with Non-Resident Indians in the matter of issue of Indian driving licence and admission of their children in educational institutions in India.
The circular issued with the approval of the government, has called for strict adherence by all the secretaries to the government, heads of departments/offices and heads of educational institutions so that the OCI card holders are extended all benefits that are admissible to them.


D.Justin said...

The overseas Citizens of India are not interested in the SHIT political system of India. The Indian politicians and the political system lies under the gutter.

A to Z said...

The above circular issued by V.K. Jha is a slap on the face of CHOR SINARI who made the statement recently that the Portuguese passport holders (Goans) should not be allowed to visit their homeland GOA. I think he is going downhill due to his age. Sinari ask forgiveness with Goans or else you will go to HELL or if you beleive in rebith you may come down again like a dog or a donkey.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

We are not interested in the benefit of Indians, as I am in Goa I would rather see a separate Goa with rights for overseas Goans. What ever takes place in Goa effects them, India is another occupying force.

SPY 13 said...

Dogs and Donkeys are better animals than this SIN-HAR-JAN. Dogs are faithful, donkey carried Jesus.

These Harijans will
come as gutter rats on rebirth.

Perdro Lopes said...


I agree with you 101%. The true Freedom Fighters fought for Goa and Goans not to throw the Goans out of Goa. Shame on the freedole Farters.

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