With regard to Churchill Alemao taking on Francisco Sardinha on his assurance of retirement benefits to Goan Seamen,it is not just Francisco Sardinha but all you, dirty politicians are known for fooling Goa and goemkars.Zomin ani Mollobh ek zait,punn apoun anik Ghatki Congress nhoi,is it not Churchill who said this?
Is it not Churchill who had Anti-Mopa meetings all around South Goa?What is your present stand on Mopa Airport,Mr.PWD minister?After winning the Navelim seat on the SGF banner during the last assembly elections,the so called leader of masses declared her daughter Valanka as the Candidate for the Murmagao Parliamentary seat but practically that never happened,Can Churchill answer this question?
Politicians dared to shut down the NUSI hospital after taken over by Wockhardt at Cuncolim if the demands of agitating staff of the hospital is not met.NUSI Worckhardt is running in full swing,has the demands of the agitating staff met?The hospital was built using the Seamen money.Does NUSI gain anything from the NUSI Maritime Academy at Chinchinim?Why can't some of the NUSI hospital and the NUSI Academy funds be used towards retirement benefits of seamen?
The present Cabinet ministers are highly iincompetent,they cannot solve the present MOI issue and that is the reason why they have put the issue in the hands of their Delhi bosses when it is a straight forward demand by the parents.
Last but not the least,there is not much difference between the two above mentioned politicians.Both belongs to cristao community,both love dhirios,both from Salcette,both are more or less equally tall though the playboy from Curtorim is slim and both are highly related to the Garbage dump at Sonsddo. 
Any update on the Goa-Nagapattinam train?


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