THE ROLE OF OUR MLA’S QUESTIONED By Adriano Pinto, Olaulim - Bardez (UK)

With the right to information act in vogue today I feel that the MLA’s very existence is questionable. Gone are the days when we all used to wait for the Assembly session to start and for the question hour to commence so that the MLA’s particularly belonging to the opposition to expose the governments misdeeds. Today after the passing of the Right to Information( RTI) Act any citizen can apply and get any/all information they require /desire without relying on our uneducated MLA’ whom we shamelessly elect again and again.
In view of the above I wonder what is the role of our present MLA’s.
I was thought in school that the primary duty of any legislature is to make good laws. And I wonder what laws can any uneducated person make. It is not that there is an exception. If we look around in the assembly most of our MLA’s are uneducated which includes our so called Education Minister. Is it not shameless on his part to occupy this post? Would it have happened in the early days post so called liberation? What wisdom does he have to occupy this post and how can any student look at him with regard knowing fully well that he is a BOTO? Further looking beyond him we see lots of them fall in the same category. How will they scrutinise the laws drafted by the bureaucrats in the form of an act and make sure that there are no loopholes. This is one of the primary reasons why we do not get justice in present times. Secondly the bureaucrats who are deputed in Goa by the Central Government make laws to suit themselves and the central government which at times are copied from the other states which are bigger in size. We got lot of examples like the Tenancy Act, and lately the Panchayat act which was later amended by the Goa Assembly where in there were three tier system. Another example where Goa and Goans suffered is allocation of plots to government servants. All top bureaucrats got plots in Goa particularly in Porvorim although they were posted in Goa for a short tenure. One of the Goa’s former Chief Secretary who also scooped the goody was Dr. J.C Almeida and converted his house into a hotel namely ‘Hotel Casino’.
If anybody goes around in Porvorim they will notice that most of them are outsiders or non Goans.
The other part the MLA’s should perform is to participate in different debates which takes place in the assembly. But unfortunately most of the MLA’s being”unpad” or anguta shap they are hardly in a position to debate hence we see lots of our bills are passed without discussions and even 5 to 10 in a day. We will also notice the duration of the Assembly period is not even one month in a year and yet we pay them salaries and perks.
Now the next question which comes to everybody’s mind is why do we need all these MLA’s which do not perform any function for the betterment of Goa and Goans. The only function that they do very well and which they are not supposed to perform is 10% of any contract commission which is given by the government.
Today the MLA’s do not represent its voters; they represent the builders, businessmen, criminals etc and they do not do anything which their voter wants. In view of this they should be made redundant. We would rather prefer a benevolent dictator than these 40 CHORS in the so called democracy.


Silvester Bethalbatim said...

Goan ministers have the easiest jobs going, they leave in luxury while the poor Goan citizens suffer. The role of ministers is to loot and plunder Goa into darkness.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Crime and corruption goes hand in hand in Goan politics, eliminating opposition by violence is second nature. Inducing families into criminal business is a priority, drug dealing and destroying Goa is on the top of the list. Keep all this in mind politician have no time to deal with the issues effecting Goan daily life.

Dalia said...

I know a recent incident when one of the local boy went to apply for obtaining driving license. He has studied up to sixth standard and due to the financial difficulties of the family, he took up a job to support his parents and left school. Now he is 21 years of age and want to obtain a four wheeler driving license when he was told by the RTO officer that he need to have minimum qualification of SSC to know and understand road signs and read sign boards. I approached the RTO officer with the concerned boy and asked him to show me the rules, he did. Out of good will, he signed his documents for Learners lisence but wonder those who rule Goa, how much are they educated? There is a certain Mamlatdar in Sanguem by name Gaonkar who is least educated but occupying that chair because he belongs to SC tribe. This is India dear Adriano, ruled by the Goons and uneducated. The ministry of Cowmuth is a total bunch of uneducated crooks.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Adriano:
Good question.
Lets hope the Election Commission of India will strictly enforce the educational Qualifications or criteria required to be a Legislator / MLA`s.
We should also see a speedy trial of all MLA`s who have been booked for alleged Criminal acts.If convicted, they should be barred from standing as a canditate.
All current MLA`s convicted of Criminal acts should also have their wealth confiscated and returned back for the benefit of Goans.MAny of the current Mla`s have used their poistions of power to accrue illegal wealth.
Finally every right thinking Goan, should do their very best ,to educate other Goans (crumb-eaters)not to elect Corrupt Mla`s, most specially for a finiancial inducement.
It should be made clear to them (Crumb-eaters) selling their sacred vote to the devil is a mortal sin.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

The role of present politicians is to rob, take bribes, fool the Goans and sell Goa

Diogo Fichardo said...

The MLAs are ant-Goans. supported by their crumb eaters. Never believed Goa would be run by corrupt and criminal politicians. If we have had enough let us not turn the other cheek.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

For a small place Goas MLAs are one of the richest in the world with money stashed all over the world, support them and reap the benefits. But at what cost? See the state Goa's Roads crumble within weeks of being built,New public toilets get flooded with sewer flowing on roads and footpath which stinks and carry disease , our transport service is in shambles, any work in public offices cannot be done on allowed time without giving bribes no matter how small or big the job is. Goa's entire infrastructure is a shambles because MLAs controlling each department take their percentage of Bribe (Hafta). Changes in Goa can only take place with an aggressive response against the government by citizens of Goa.Do we have the stomach to unite and do it?

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

The role of Navelim MLA the pig of Varca is to fool people into electing Him, as he lied about Mopa.To satisfy his masters of Congress party He allows mega project to flourish in Goa. Goa has been ruined my these ministers, There is a need to eliminate them rapidly.

Papa Razi said...

Avoi-ge, Adriano called our Education Minister a BOTTO! What a word to describe this uneducated mister goonda who is now a Minister? I would call all the 40 of them, each individually a botto. All great Alibaba's of Goa are real bottes as they do not know a b or c about legislations or rules governing Goa. We have another big time criminal Ravi Naik who is also a bott who is protecting law in Goa. The biggest botto is asphalting the roads in Goa for a commission is Churchill Alemao. Another educated botto is from Sattari, Jr. Rane who is looting the Nothern part of Goa like botto Narvenkar and Botto Pandu Madkaikar.

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