RAHUL GANDHI'S IMMATURE STATEMENT by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Rahul Gandhi's statement that he is ashamed to be an Indian is an outburst of immaturity. Whatever the context, one cannot understand how an Indian can ever be ashamed of his Nation.

 Could it be for being half Italian that Rahul Gandhi's feeling Indian is only skin deep? On one hand, we have a bunch of corrupt politicians and on the other, pampered products of dynasty politics, propped up by sycophants. It is time now for every Indian to feel ashamed of Rahul Gandhi and his statement.


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

How could Rahul Gandhi feel ashamed of being Indian? I am sure that he meant to say he feels ashamed about whatever wrong things going on in India.

D.Justin said...

Rahul Gandhi is absolutely right to say he is ashamed to be an Indian. Most of the Indians are hypocrates and illmannered. If you see the state of India under the illeterate donkeys than who can say he is proud to be Indian. See the Indians thieves how they survive in the west with the doles and make life miserable for the westerners in India.I think Rahul is right to say what he said; as he spoke the truth. We the Goans loose our respect in the west due to these Indian GHANTTIS.

N.Fernandes-London said...

In my estimate, this whole Gandhi /Nehru family & dynasty seem to be cursed.
Each of them seem to be paying for their sins in a deadly fashion.
2 Members assasinated & one killed in a crash.
I dread to think what awaits the rest, still living and carving India out for their mutual benefit.
So is Rahul Ghandi experiencing an Identity crisis due to his shortcomings or is it due to being over pampered by corruption all around him.?

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Dotor Aires, What Rahul Gandhi has said is not out of immaturity but perhaps it came through his heart. What he said is a fact no doubt in it. This man knows what India going is through and how it is run by crookes. And that is why he feels ashame to call himself to be Indian. The same goes to me and rest of my beloved true Goans. Today I feel ashame to tell anyone that I am Indian. I am proud to be Goan rather then to utter word 'India' from of my mouth. Now you tell me how Goa became part of bloody dirty India. You are professional lawyer and now you answer me if you have genuine answer.

Neville said...

Rahul Gandhi spoke the truth, I am ashamed to be known as Indian too. Iam proud being born a Goenkar, so too a lot of true Goenkars This Indian union is for the filthy, crooks, criminals and of course for the like of Karmali, Floriano, Sinari, etc the freedole farters.

Perdro Lopes said...

@Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar
I feel ashamed to call you a Goan, you are a traitor of Goa. You have heart for invaders, due to crooks like you we are indirect slaves to the Indian Rule.
India is a lavaris country, run by chors and vote bank, The municipality does not work in no state. Rich are becoming richer by the day, the middle class the backbone of india survives from hand to mouth.
If you feel you are an Indian, or you think that Goa belongs to India, then I must say you are in a wrong forum.

Perdro Lopes said...

At last the guilt has caught Rahul. He feels bad that India (his Father) invaded Goa and other enclaves of Portugal, he wants to give Goa back to the rightful owner. namely Portugal. God bless you Rahul.

Emediavoice said...

There are many Mr. Aires who will be ashamed of "India", now the bishop of Goa is feeling ashamed for selling the island of Vanxim for a song to Gaunekar with the help of pimps like "Phillip of Vitozem, Divar".because his shepherds (Vanxecars were illiterate then and not now like Modkoikar). By the way advocate we have a simple question to you. Does Vanxim belongs to Bishop? If so can he prove by papers? How he sold to Gaunekar? From whom the Portuguese got the lands? is it by conquest or by papers? Answer us this questions: and so it is happening in north India now. Centuries ago the British, Portuguese etc. conquered lands and distributed the loot for their benefits and propagation of faith matters. Even Fr. Joseph Vaz was considered as third class citizen of Goa by the Portuguese then because he was from Goa and not from White lands. Now day's it a business matters, the western culture is capturing India to improve their economy at the cost of poor people of India.Congress and Sonia (whom goans have a corner because she is from Italy) forget it...they are at the gutters now. We don't prefer "educated illiterate" but a just humans.

Trevor said...

I vehemently disagree!!!! Rahul is absolutely correct! You condemn a man for speaking the truth! I am disappointed with you Aires, after the huge scandal from the CW Games you would have faith in the Indian government?? Everyday we hear about the corrupt and filth in India. I know you have not had a chance to travel abroad to see that this is not daily life in most developed countries. Sadly I feel too many of our Goans are supporters of the Indian government. This is why we are going to loose in the end. The Indian government looted Goa and continues to loot Goa and you support them???? Are you looking for personal gain like the 40 Chors by denigrating someone for speaking the truth?? Don't we know that we Goans are going to be finished the longer with stay under one of the most corrupt regimes in the world. I do believe Indians at times have in their core to be corrupt, which was not the case for us Goans, sadly now our people are becoming indianized. When one looks at the migrated Goans abroad, one rarely finds them involved in corrupt schemes. In all of Africa the locals will tell you then know the difference between a Goan and an Indian!!! (Remember physically we Goans look Indian). And just yesterday an Indian stock broker in the US was found guilty of stealing. What he stole, was the largest amount in US history! So shameful! When one looks at how recent the Indian migration to the US is and to see that they are already committing huge crimes, it does make one think!!!! At one time I had high regard for you Aires when you were taking on the corrupt ministers but now I am not sure. Support India, and you support the demise of our culture and our people. In-migration into Goa will never stop with rich and poor Indians trying to escape the filth and corrupt Indian subcontinent. Anyone who does not believe this is a FOOL of the First Degree!!!!

P.s. How cruel of you to point out Rahul's Italian ancestry, you sound like the communalists that label us Goans as half-breeds and not pure Indian. If anyone should know how hurtful this is, I would think you would! I hope you work to redeem yourself in the future.

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