MARGAO: A parent-teacher association (PTA) in Margao is objecting to the government trying to find a solution to the medium of instruction row in Goa, at a meeting in New Delhi.  "Our only demand translates into release of local government grants for government-aided schools offering English as a medium of instruction" states a press note issued by Dinar L Barros.
The executive member of the PTA, Loyola and Fatima Convent high schools, adds, "The relevant policy decision in this regard is bound to be taken by the local government and not by the central government. We parents fail to understand the logic behind selecting New Delhi as the venue for discussion."
He stressed that the parents are "in no way contesting the Right to Education (RTE) Act that we have to be called to New Delhi at this late hour".
"Could it be a move prompted by the local government of passing the buck on to New Delhi? Could it be to arrive at a compromise formula (on the medium of instruction row? Who pays for this expensive trip? Or is it at the cost of the exchequer?" Barros questioned.
Asserting that the PTA's demand is not "subject-specific", Barros warned that "no accord should be signed deviating from our single-point demand".


Dalia said...

Savio Lopes is diluting the voice of Goan parents by parting with the criminals to Delhi. Goan issues should be settled in Goa. It is not a border issue where they have to rush to Delhi to sort out things. Moreover, Congress is not the legimate stake holder to solve the problem. The parties involved are just two, Goan parents and the Goan Corrupt government run by Cowmuth with his illiterate team.

Challis-bondder said...

Surprisng that till now nobody has read the Education Act and the Rules framed therunder. It is for the Statutory Advisory Commitee formed under the chairmanship of the Education Minister to decide on Education Matters and not the Cabinet or Associations.

The meeting of that committee is rarely called , that to for  passing illegal things over tea and batatawadas. The memebrs of that commitee are yes-mans of the politiciansEducation is a concurrent matter in the Indian Consititution.

There is no need to fly to Delhi. Delhi has already given the RTE. How much of it is to be implemented should be decided sitting in Goa.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Rightfully so it is a Goan issue and should be  resolved and granted by Goan Governments.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Congress ministers running to Delhi for decisions, shame on the Kamat Government either resign or drown yourselves in the nearest Ghanti Sewers.  

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

I am in full agreement with Dinar Barros that "the relevant policy decision is bound to be taken by the local government". The laws of the land, namely, "The Goa, Daman and Diu Official Language Act, 1987" and "The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009" empower the government to take the right decision.

However, the government had taken a "policy decision" to go against the Act enacted by the State Legislative Assembly. Now how does it get out of the imbroglio it got itself into? By running to Delhi? Like quarreling siblings running to their mother? Why should Delhi take decisions for us?

Why not take another policy decision to right the wrong done previously? Easy as pie, isn't it?

Papa Razi said...

Call or SMS Savio Lopes on his mobile and register your protest. His number is 0091-9890073545. Why is the venue moved to Delhi? The parents are in Goa and Savio will fill his bags in Delhi with a promise of Congress ticket in the future or some important post and come back with happiness. Is he another Churchill in the making? 

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