PANJIM MAYOR'S BLACKMAIL BACKFIRES by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

The childish stunt by Panjim Mayor Yatin Parekh and his 15 corporators to quit was a planned drama which has backfired on them. It was known to all that in the name of garbage it was only a threat to blackmail and try to grab the plumb Urban development portfolio for their “patrao “.
Now they are bringing in another pliable officer as Deputy Commissioner at the CCP on the pretext that he will monitor the garbage disposal. What expertise does this officer have on garbage?
The corporators should stop politicizing the garbage issue and allow the crisis to be handled by the concerned engineer Mr. Sachin Ambe and the corporator being co-opted to handle garbage Mrs. Patricia Pinto. Mayor Parekh and his corporators should get down to fulfilling their promises rather than trying to shoot missiles at Panjim from Taleigao. Their gimmicks will not work. The citizens of Panjim are astute, smart and educated. They will no longer be taken for a ride and expect nothing less than a clean, transparent and corruption free administration at the Corporation of City of Panjim.


N.Fernandes-London said...

I doubt the Current Education Minister Babush Monseratte, with his lack of education and vision could be suitable for any Cabinet Portfoilo.
He is more of a liability to all Goans and Goa.He has made a mockery of the Goa Government and the Education Portfolio.
The best job for this Taleigao clown , would be to oversee neutering (castration) of Pigs, where he can excercise his brute mentality .

D.JUSTIN said...

There is no need for Panjim's Ghantti mayor and his 15 corporators to set a date to quit the city's corporation.These idiots were only elected because of money power as most of Our Goans are yet to see money. In a democratic setup , these idiots can resign anytime, if they are honest.

Dalia said...

CCP is rented out to goondas and criminals and it is not for the common public of the city's welfare anymore. Crumb eaters sold the rights to the criminals only.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Kick the ghantis and their lovers out of power from Goa.

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