PANJIM: Goa Police today said that the overall projection of the state, especially drug trade, in Rohan Sippy''s Dum Maro Dum was ''incorrect''. "Movies are movies. They are meant for three hours of entertainment," Director General of Police Bhimsen Bassi said offering his first ever reaction to the movie which had run into controversy in the state.
"Whatever DMD may try to project, the fact remains that women can safely walk on the roads of Goa even after 10.30 in the night," he said.  Bassi stated that the women in Goa are allowed to dress the way they want. There is no societal compulsion on them, that is the best part of this state.
Speaking to reporters after commissioning ''marine commando force'', Bassi said the the police have done a lot towards safety of women in the state.  DMD starring Abhishekh Bachchan, Bipasha Basu had evoked strong criticism for portraying Goa in a poor light. The movie had also highlighted policemen-drug peddler nexus.
Bassi refused to comment on whether the Police had seen the movie before its release in the state. The state police in a letter to Sippy had requested that the movie should be screened to them before its release. State Home Minister Ravi Naik had said that he would watch the movie with state home secretary Sanjay Srivastava. But Naik today said that he was yet to see the movie. – PTI


Dalia said...

I think that DMD was based on actual happenings in Goa. Why are we not objecting the drugs trade and to the traders like Ravi Naik & Family, Police and other officials? DMD is actually happening in Goa under the close and secret vigilance of the benefeciaries of the trade. Everyday, one drug seller is caught in Goa and left free after his hafta is paid, those who don't are put behind bars.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

You are absolutely correct, the police,politicians and their families have induced themselves in the trade of criminal activates including being pimps to prostitution dens. This has given non-Goans the idea that Goan women are lose women. We may not be able to reverse the concrete jungle BUT It will take bloodshed to get Goa back to its former glory, time is slipping away. Either we wake up and do something now or die doing nothing.

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