PANJIM: A Goa-based media house has petitioned the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) over the alleged atrocities committed on the Velip and Gaonkar tribals from Cauvrem village, where locals are fighting to save their area from the mining menace.
GoaChronicle.com, a local news website, has written to the NHRC seeking their intervention to stop violation of human rights of tribals of Cauvrem, located 50 km away from here.  The village has five iron ore mines. Operations at one of them were stopped after aggressive tribal agitation, while villagers have halted movement of trucks from four others.
Since the tribals began their stir, there has been a spate of attacks on the villagers. Earlier this month, around 100 villagers were arrested for blocking truck traffic, while a tribal leader, Nilesh Gaonkar, was mercilessly beaten up on Thursday allegedly by pro-mining goons.
GoaChronicle.com Editor-in-Chief Savio Rodrigues said these incidents at Cauvrem and police cane-charge on villagers are gross violations of the basic human rights of individuals.
"The villagers were only upholding the directives of the Government when they staged a peaceful demonstration and stopped movement of trucks," he said, adding the police acted at the instance of mining firms and truck operators.
Rodrigues said a report highlighting the plight of the villagers, the incidents in the past and recent, including a police lathi charge video (where contains footage of a woman being dragged by the policemen) and a report on the attack on Gaonkar has been sent to the NHRC.
"Our discussion with NHRC Director General Sunil Krishna has been elaborate and he requested us to send all the details and videos in our possession so that the issue could be discussed in a meeting on May 16," he said. – PTI


Salvador Seraulim said...

Every  Atrocities committed against Goan citizens by law enforcers is always is an infringement against human rights, but which organisation is strong enough to take on the law enforcers and corrupt Ministers who are the culprits? Or are some members of NGO in politicians back pockets?  

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

I have read in yesterday's (14.May) newspaper a full page advertisement, with a statement by the Hon. Chief Minister that "we shall create a new Goa, a Goa where there will be no pains and sorrows and only happiness and happiness alone", made in his budget 2011-12 speech.

Can we hope that there will be no more atrocities on the people of Cavrem? That their pains and sorrows will come to an early end? And they will be able to live with happiness and happiness alone from now on?


Anand Desai Mopa said...

 The current politicians are just a spent force, Goans are not fools to believe in the one page advert. They are the ones who created pain  and sorrow among Goan lives. Or is the CM talking talking about his extended family from Moti Dongor?

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