VALPOI: Tourists interested in getting a first hand experience of the village life in Goa, can perhaps journey off the beaten track where they will find Satari a perfect place where nature and adventure come together. Even though Satari is located away from the capital city of Goa, it has become a hot spot for hinterland tourism. The place has beautiful temples, a historic fort, seasonal waterfalls, springs and gushing rivers.
Satari offers promising tranquil environs and peaceful areas for those who love peace. There are several beautiful streams and rivers in Satari. Among them is ‘Monvancho Goonno’ (Honey stone) which was famous in Portugues as “Pedr de Mel”.
The panoramic view of the mountain adds on to the beauty of the place. The place is just 10 kms away from Valpoi town. On Sundays, the number of people coming to bathe is a lot more than other days. Locals opine that if the place is aesthetically developed, they can benefit from eco tourism.
Mr Sayyad Sarfaraz a regular visitor said, ‘government must think over on upgrading of this spot which will turn this place as hinterland tourist destination in years to come’. He also added that water sports activity will be an added attraction and boost tourism in Satari.


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Satari definitely has lots to offer for tourism. On the way to Valpoi itself you can start admiring the panorama.

I had not heard of the "pedra de mel", neither during Portuguese regime nor after, though i have had to visit Satari many times for my work while in active service.

Perhaps Mr. Rane who has been the local MLA for more than 3 (?) decades could take up with the government the upgradation of the spot known as Monvancho Gunno as well as development of other areas in Satari for tourism.  

Niz Goenkar said...

Dear Joaquim,

This is indeed a very famous place since the ancient times.  We go there for picnics and outings since we were kids and our great grandparents were kids.  There are huge rocks along the border of the river full of honey, which during those days were impregnable.  No one could get that honey.  But now GANTTIS have started desecrating the natural honey spot using some of their GANTTI techniques.

But this is a true story and the place is real. - Menino de Valpoi

David leitao said...

Goa is about its Goan villages !! People all over the world come to Goa to soak in the pristine and ethnic village culture and scenic beauty !!! But these 40 Chor MLA push for nonsenscial development trying to make Mumbai and Singapore out of Goa !!! We need conservation of Goa and of its ecology and enviroment and safeguard it cuture and work ethics!! These 40 Chor MLAs should be shown the door and asked to go back to their homes!!! We need to Sustain Goa and protect its demographyll!!

Goa should be for the sons of of the soil sons who toil !!! All these 40 MLA chors who sponge and exploit Goans should go home !!!

dlp said...

Last year during our holiday to Goa in December we were supposed to visit Valpoi for the first time but had to change our plans due to unforeseen circumstances. During our next holiday, this December, we will definitely make it point to visit Pedr de Mel and Menino as I am sure he will be there.

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Thanks, Menino, for the information. However, i am sorry to repeat that i had not heard of the place even though i visited Satari many times on work.

Cyrusmasca said...

What Rane can do? Tell them any mining areas is der so they will developed the roads leading to mining areas........

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