PANJIM: Refusing to accept the blame for the garbage fiasco in Panjim, urban development minister Joaquim Alemao thrust the blame on the Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP). Alemao explained by saying the CCP has not used the funds allotted by his ministry to it for putting up infrastructure at Bainguinim and near KTC bus stand.
"The CCP had been provided funds to acquire a site at Bainguinim, which has been in its possession for two years," Alemao said. The government also allocated funds for the construction of a compound wall around the site which was released more than a year ago, he added.
The urban development minister said that the land near Heera petrol pump-near the Panjim bus stand-was also handed over to the CCP after acquisition and funds were provided for a sorting station for garbage. "The CCP has not used the site till date," he said.
CCP mayor Yatin Parekh had blamed the government for not showing political will and not providing funds in tackling the garbage problem, especially for setting up a state-of-the-art treatment plant at Taleigao. Education minister Atanasio 'Babush' Monserrate had also criticized the government for extending a helping hand in setting up infrastructure in Bainguinim. "We don't need funds, but we need the government's protection to set up a site for scientific treatment there," he said.
Alemao said it was every municipal body's responsibility to gather, treat and dispose of the garbage in its own area as per the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules. "The government's role is to provide funds for acquiring land, construction of sanitary landfill sites, garbage treatment plans and infrastructure for garbage-related activities," Alemao said.
The CCP has not appointed a consultant to draw up estimates for setting up a landfill site and treatment plant at Taleigao, despite assurances during a meeting with the chief minister. "It is the CCP's responsibility to manage the site and appoint a consultant," he said.
Reiterating that the CCP has not submitted any proposal for the Taleigao site, Alemao said that funds to the tune of 87 lakh for the construction of the compound wall at Taleigao have already been sanctioned. The government had also provided funds for acquiring land and the construction of a landfill site at La Marvel Colony, Dona Paula, he added.
During his tenure, he said he had sanctioned 55 crore to councils for land acquisition, setting up of landfill sites or purchase of machinery, claiming that as compared to just two-Vasco and Margao-all 14 municipalities have their own landfill sites and most have initiated action on setting up garbage treatment plants.


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

You are the Minister of Urban Development, it is your duty as well and you have more power to take action on Municipalities who do not adhere to rules and regulations. This shows how dummy character Minister you are.

Diogo Fichardo said...

The whole of salcete stinks of Garbage, sewer from the slums the worst stink of all  The Corrupt Ministers and their crumb eaters..

D.JUSTIN said...

THESE IDIOTS ARE MINISTERS ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE GOONDAS AND HAVE LOOTED MONEY TO BUY VOTES.  These types of characters are only found in third world India.

Mathew said...

Bab Joaquim you are the brother of the Navelim MLA, there is
no difference between you and him. Don’t try to fool the people. Look at
"River Sal" first then talk. If you cannot see then take your brother to the Dream
Bridge stand and see down.


Anonymous the VIII said...

Whom are these idiots fooling? Do they think all Goans are fools like the ones that feed on their crumbs?
Niz Goenkars are not fools!!!!!
Is this Jokin and the Mus Rat not from the same G7 not long ago? For how long have they not eaten and slept together?
Maybe they think they are better Tiathrists in real life.
We Goenkars know your true colour.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Every commentator here is correct.This Joaquim is a joker.

If funds have been allocated and not utilised, it must be his responsibility to question the delay.
After funds are released, each project has to provide receipts for auditing purposes with the comptroller.
Either way, Joker Joaquim was fast asleep in one of his mines, where he has a bigger interest than serving Goa.
Welcome to the Alemao clan of crooks and smugglers.

Gobor said...

The entire Alemao clan lacks sense of humour.
This one is Joking Alemao, the others are jerking Alemaos

I kindly request NIZ GOENKAR  to start a jokes section exlusively dedicated to the Alemao's.
They are the  Goan Sardarjis

dlp said...

Garbage stink in Pangim??? The real garbage stink is better than the garbage stink of the ministers. This Joking Alemao must clear the garbage of ministers starting from his brother Chorchill on Navelim grounds. Only then Pangim or other areas will smell sweet.

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