Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] Official Statement of Instances of INDIAN UNION Terrorist Attacks on the Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP], from a briefing given on 8th June 1955, at Nova Goa (Ponjhe). Notes by Agnelo Gracias, Dabul Bombay.
26th Jan, 1955: Armed men attacked, overpowered and abducted Antonio de Sousa from Damao, taking him to Pardim in the Indian Union where he was released after seven days.
7th Feb, 1955: Eight men launched a surprise attack from the Indian Union on the frontier post of Jogini Patto in Pernem. An Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] flag, cartridges and various other objects were robbed. The Goan guard was overpowered and kidnapped and taken into the INDIAN UNION.
10th Feb, 1955: An INDIAN UNION Police corporal and four others fired into the air and attacked 3 unarmed Goans whom they kidnapped along with two others and abducted into the INDIAN UNION. Various personal objects were robbed of unarmed Goans.
11th Feb, 1955: Assault at nightfall against the police post of Assonora by 15 armed men who stole rifles and various objects. Two Goan guards were wounded.
14th Feb, 1955: Assault against the frontier post of Supangudi in Canacona by 150 men from the INDIAN UNION, armed and dressed alike. Goan Guards were assaulted and arms and various objects were robbed.
22th Feb, 1955: Assault at nightfall against the "Patelado" of Partagal by 200 armed and masked men who robbed various objects and withdrew into the INDIAN UNION.
18th March, 1955: Assault on the frontier post of Ravona in Sanquelim by a group of 100 armed Indian terrorists. Three Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] Goan Frontier Guards opened fire on the Indian terrorists. One of the Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] Goan Guards was wounded by the Indian terrorists. The noise alerted the Goan citizens of Ravona who came out in large numbers to aid the Goan Guards, seeing which the Indian bandits fled into the Indian Union.
12th April, 1955: A large group Indian Terrorists intruded in the vicinity of Valpoi, attacking three Goan households. One Goan citizen was abducted by the Indian terrorists and taken to the Indian Union post opposite.
13th April, 1955: 15 Indian terrorists make a surprise attack on the Cuncolim post. A wounded Goan policeman later dies of his injuries.
23rd April, 1955: A group of armed terrorists entered Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] territory and attacked the Banselor post near Damao. The Chief of the post who was alone and unarmed was kidnapped and carried away into INDIAN UNION territory. Two Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] guards ran to his aid but could not intervene as the Indian terrorists were already well into INDIAN UNION territory.
23rd April, 1955: At night, men coming in from the INDIAN UNION beat violently on the hut housing the Frontier Post at Salim. A few shots put the Indian terrorists to flight.
30th April, 1955: Assault by a large number of armed Indian terrorists against the posts of Calicachigao, Bamarpuja and Jorim in Damao. The Indian terrorists withdrew after firing several rounds. A group of Indian terrorists led by a Fernando Costa, an Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] outlaw, fired 30 rounds at the post of Bamarpuja. Another outlaw, Wamora Dessai, led another group of terrorists who fired at the Jorim post.
5th May, 1955: In the parish of Ibrampur in Pernem, a herdsman washing his oxen in the river was fallen upon by an Indian policeman who kidnapped him and his oxen and carried them off into the INDIAN UNION. The herdsman was freed after 2 days in two Indian checkposts, but the oxen were never returned.
18th May, 1955: 55 Indian Terrorists under a person called Goray intruded into Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] at the Malinguem post. They attempted to stone the first three Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] Goan Guards they encountered, and resisted arrest. On being disobeyed, the Goan Guards first fired two pistol shots into the air, but when the Indian terrorists persisted, fired into the mob who thereupon surrendered. The Indian intruders stated that they were recruited in various parts of the Indian Union, being unemployed, and offered small sums of money to commit robberies in Goa and to terrorize the Goan population. Fifty, including a man of 75 years whose health caused concern were expelled over the frontier. Goray and four others, who were the leaders, were sentenced to prison.
27th May, 1955: Indian terrorists Attack the police post of Aldona. The sentry was shot, then seized from behind and repeatedly stabbed. He was left in a very serious condition and the Indian terrorists withdrew back to the INDIAN UNION.
29th May, 1955: Seventy Indian terrorists led by a S.P. Limaye Invaded the communidade of Caranzol near Valpoi, vandalising Goan property and hoisting the Indian rag. Their appearance was described by Goan villagers as pitiful. They included beggars: a cripple, a lunatic, a blind man and an epileptic. They claimed to be unemployed and to have been paid by the Indian Union to enter Goa; having failed to find the least support on the part of the local Goan population, they had wandered and lost their way. The leader and three others were detained pending investigations, the rest summarily expelled. Two of the detainees had claimed to be Goans; one was suspected of having taken part in the Invasion against Dadrá e Nagar-Aveli.
It was found on investigation that the two who claimed to be Goans were nothing of the sort, and they were expelled over the frontier.
30th May, 1955: Two large groups of Indian terrorists attacked the post of Ealem. They set a hut on fire and murdered the nephew of one of the Goan guards. When the guards returned fire, the Indian terrorists withdrew to the Indian Union.
4th June, 1955: A party of Indian beggars led by a person called "Patil" attacked a post in Canacona. Patil was imprisoned, while the beggars were expelled over the frontier as undesirable foreigners.
After the INDIAN UNION Invaded and illegally annexed the Estado Da Índia Portuguêsa [EIP] on 19th December 1961, many Indian Terrorists who were in Portuguese Jails in GOA were freed and were revered as FREEDOM FIGHTERS by the Indian Government. This Indian terrorists committed robberies in Goa and terrorize the Goan population in the name of Goa Liberation.
But, till date, the Indian Government still recognizes these ‘Terrorists’ as ‘Freedom-Fighters of Goa’ but, who in reality are actually Terrorists. Today, most of this so-called Freedom-Fighters have reached their prime age, but it shall be noted that these same Terrorists under the current occupational Government (Indian Union’s/Republic’s Govt.) were granted topmost job’s, plot’s, house’s, publicity, pension’s Etc in Goa.
The Portuguese Government in Goa did have a record of these Indian Terrorists committing mutinous crimes with Goan Citizens in the name of liberation. If the truth has to come out, then the Goa fake liberation history requires amendments, and half of these criminals and Terrorist’s a.k.a Freedom-Fighters shall be obliterated from history.
If at all there are or were any ‘Freedom-Fighters’, it is just an eye-wash. For, the Indian Army conquered Goa with no help from them. In jest, some are called ‘sustenance’ fighters. During the Portuguese Administration and even the many Goan’s who lived during those days considered these so-called Freedom-Fighters, who consisted mainly non-Goan’s and many Indian’s, were known as ‘Terrorists’. And, Freedom-Fighters being non-locals, many had no interest to spill their blood for this land; they were in quest of material gains.


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Put the so called freedom fighters on a rudderless boat and tow the to mid- ocean.

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No Mr. Anand, put all the Freedom Farters, make them naked, first Naguesh Karmali then parade them in the city then tie a heavy stone to them and thrown them into the sea. The bloody False Freedom Farters of Goa.

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Hi Shyam:Dont forget to tie a Broomstick to this Bongi Naguesh Karmali., before placing him in the sea.!!

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If it is in the Arabian sea, he may probably meet Bin Laden at the bottom of the Ocean with heavy weights around his neck.

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