My dear Goan Brothers,
Young people nowadays have no idea about Goa's past history as to how the " INDIANS" invaded our land, out numbered the Portuguese and forced us to be a part of this disgusting land called INDIA
It's people like me that though being young have realised our true history we prefer to call ourselves GOANS not INDIANS. I shall never ever say I'm Indian if ever asked for my nationality. I am proud of my past, the history, the culture... proud to be a part of Portugal. Portugal is our mother country and not this shit called INDIA. How I wish there was a way to do something about this. How dare India throw out the Portuguese by saying they have a natural right over us?? just because we happened to be a part of the geographical boundary on India?? what about Pakistan? Bangladesh? I don't see them claiming those areas back?
The way these Indians boast about their conquest of Goa...We don't see them boasting about their war with China.. the one in which they were slaughtered! It brings a strange kind of satisfaction to my heart knowing they were slaughtered there!! Of course they don't teach this in schools do they?
It makes me sad to think of the present state of affairs.. wish things could be different.. wish we could revert back to Portugal by just snapping our fingers...sigh.. Goa would have benefitted so much if the Portuguese were still here instead of these Indians, who are ruining Goa as the years pass by. Nobody invited the Indian
Government here... they just came and imposed themselves on us..
I hope we Goans, wherever we are around the world, will be united to this thought that we were, are, and will be only Goans and never consider ourselves as Indians. Let us educate the mases..
Let us pray that there will be a day we can take a stand, take the first step to Goa's freedom.


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