Wikipedia claim to be an "encyclopedia" (a publication of record) is Misleading, Dangerous, and outright unethical, and in its current form should be banned.
Even the US Government wants to Ban Wikipedia since it also supports Terrorism
Wikipedia is the single most dangerous site on the web. It is living proof that a few individuals with a sinister agenda can change the way millions of people view the world and world history. It puts itself forward as an information resource, but a quick look through any of its articles shows that it is almost 100% entirely inaccurate. Much of the 'information' is created in the minds of at best mischievous, and at worst despotic individuals or groups who seek to create chaos and spread lies throughout the world. Much of it is aimed at young people seeking knowledge, and it is thus particularly despicable and especially dangerous. The site and those that run it - and lets not forget they are paid handsomely to keep the site prominent - should be banned from the world wide web and all references to Wikipedia should be removed.
Indians today Manipulate and Distort the History of Goa through Wikipedia.
Almost all articles about PORTUGUESE INDIA is Manipulated by Indians
Indians Invaded Goa and Manipulate it as Liberation of Goa
According to Wikipedia Dadra e Nagar Aveli was Liberated
The Truth
Mohan Ranade was Indian Terrorist who killed innocent Goans but according to Wikipedia he is a Goan Freedom Fighter
The Truth about Mohan Ranade
The Article on Goan Catholics is also manipulated by Indians
The Article on Goan Inquistion is Distorted by Right Wing Hindus and some Manglorean Catholics
Persecution of Goan Christian and Supression of Konkani are articles totally distorted and a total lies.
Mangalore and all of North Canara and South Canara was under Portuguese Administration since 15 century. It makes No sense that Goans fled Goa and landed Mangalore because of Portuguese Persecution.
Vast Majority of Manglorean Catholics Ancestors were Tulu and Muslims who converted during Portuguese administration in those areas. They speak Konkani in south Indian accent and use Kannada script for Konkani, whereas Goans use Roman script for Konkani since 500 years.
The problem with Wikipedia is that anyone can edit it, and if you try to correct articles and someone else doesn't like what you did, you can be reported for "vandalism" and banned without warning. This seems to be especially true of certain types of articles. And with Wikipedia often coming up in the first page (and often the top result) in a Google search its more Dangerous.
So Goans Beware of Wikipedia


Felix Mascarenhas said...

These Wikipedias are written to manipulate and bloody indians have manipulated Goa's History totally. Good work Franco for bringing up this topic. Great Indeed! Our Communalists in Goa are supporting this false history of Goa.

Chrisevo8 said...

How about you do your own research via historians? Most of Wikipedia contains references as such to such articles, or they are flagged. Goans were initially persecuted by the portugese. It was termed the (now infamous) Portugese Inquisition.

JoĆ£o said...

I agree with Franco this WIKIPEDIA should be banned. The reference contain in those articles are also Manipulated.

Portuguese Inquistion another Propaganda created by INDIANS post 1961Chrisevo8 is a Brainwashed fool.

Peter said...

History is always written by Invaders. Wikipedia can be edited and as such whatever written in Wikipedia by Self-Proclaimed Historians is not the TRUTH.

Portuguese Inquistion was buried few centuries ago. After Indians Invaded Goa, the Right Wing Hindu Groups like BJP,RSS Etc are Manipulating and Distorting about the Inquistion. My Grandparents never heard anything about this so-called Inquistion Pre-1961.

John Fernandes said...

Chrisevo8 a.k.a Impostor..........do you have a real name ?

Are you defending WIKIPEDIA ?

I just look at the Wikipedia page and i was shocked to see that the most Articles on Goan History are Manipulated by people from Mangalore

Persecution of Goan Catholics & Hindus, Supression of Konkani all are Manipulated by Mangloreans

Please check this users on Wikipedia who are NON-GOANS and are Distorting the History of Goa




Do this Foolish Mangloreans know that the ceremony of Ross is still practise by Goan Catholics and they put Photo of Manglorean Ross as if we Goans don't know anything about Ross.

FRANCO is Right Beware of WIKIPEDIA

Trevor said...

Absolutely!!! This has been the game India is playing, to spread its propaganda. Nowhere in Goa will our youth find out the truth about our history. It is suppressed by Agents of Delhi, the Freedole Farters and the 40 thieves. The work against the people of Goa. That is why I can't thank Sir Menino for his dedication to this website, so that we can finally tell the truth. The truth of our history! Some day a Dr Sequeira will read this website and will rise up and free us.....at least I hope. Keep praying. Long live Goa!

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