The Goans attending the function organised by the Doha Goan Sports Club, can have the satisfaction of attending these functions with a clean and clear conscience. The Doha Goan Sports Club can also take great pride in knowing other Goan Organisations around the world admire their decision not to give pride of place to corrupt Goan Politicians as Chief Guests.
Many of these Goans in Doha have struggled and made huge sacrifices, back in Goa to get to Doha /Muscat or other Gulf Countries, for their economic survival & well being, and those of their family members too. I know many that have taken loans or sold their gold and family heirlooms, just to travel to these destinations in order to earn a crust to feed their families.
Many of these Goans have been badly exploited by both employment agents and worse still Goan Politicians.
Churchill and Mickky Pacheco along with Monseratte and Mauvin Godinho are well known Politicians (to name a few), that have bled these Goans for every paisa they, have to send them to the Gulf.
The Politicians have not sent these guys to the Gulf out of love, concern for them & their families, or for free. The Politicians have done so in what is called a TRADE OFF", to ensure that they get their votes, to continue with their plunder & loot while in Power. If these Politicians are not in power, than the are no more than plain common criminals and many have come from these backgrounds anyway.
The loot from being a Goa Government Minister or Politician is very high. We are talking Crores of rupees. If the Politicians stopped looting Goa, charitable organisations would not have to rely on donations from abroad. There could be better roads, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, care for the elderly & infirm etc.
From just using a "guesstimate", I would say that Goan Politicians have or are in control of 50% of Goa’s wealth, either in Goa or abroad. This includes Money, real estate & mines.
Many of these poor Goans on arrival in the Gulf have been further exploited and turned into slaves. The job descriptions given in Goa, do not apply, in many instances, when they arrive in the Gulf.
ON arrival in the Gulf, many of these Goans have to re-adjust to a new culture and environment. It is here that organisations like the Goan welfare Association and Attic Outdoors LLc exploit them further.
The Central theme & core of their functions like the May Ball is to raise funds for charities back in Goa.
This is highly admirable. However I also believe this method of deception & pulling heart strings, is none other than another method ,or money making racket for a few individuals organising these functions.
I do not believe these Goans that attend these functions do so, to see, the Goan Politician invited as Chief Guest. The purely attend these functions to socialise with other Goans and feel a sense of belonging in these deserts.
I also believe some of the organisers, are shady characters, like the Goan Politicians. Their romance with these scumbag Politicians, have sinister objectives. No doubt Black money is at the core of it all. Certainly not Romance.


Papa Razi said...

 The organizers are Abb who lick shoes of the politicians. They take them overseas by spending so much on the flights, hotels and entertainment. Take the example of Simon D' Silva from Qatar who claims to be a charitable man. Is this charity on the politicians or getting self publicity that he too is a criminal like the politicians he invited? There are still our Goan organizations in the Middle East who are slaves of these politicians at the cost of the poor man who buy entry coupons for these events. Don't these people have anyone reputable? Are there not Goan Achievers in the local community serving in the area?

Shyam Sawant said...

Yes Mr. Fernande, you said well.  The Doha Qatar Goans showed the dirty scoundrels politicians of Goa that they are not wanted in Qatar.  Like wise this Simon who is an idiot should have done.  It only shows what community he comes from.  Mr. Menino had a talk with me yesterday and he told me that this simon had sent him a threatening email which is too bad.  I challenge Simon D'Silva to try anything with Niz Goenkar and we the Goans will take care of you. A******s*h****le

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Papa Razi:
I agree with you.
I wonder in the minds of the Organisers, what are the Star qualities of the Goan Politicians.
Now if the invited someone like the singers Maddona or Lady Gaga ( if their fees were affordable), then I could see some sense.Inviting Bollywood stars to is fine. But Inviting a crooked Goa Politician makes no sense. 
The attendees of these functions, I am sure are far more intilligent that the organisers.
I am sure they are not attending these functions to see the FAT UGLY MAN from Varca, also well known in Goa at the Fat Pig of Varca.What is the star attraction of Mr Digu Kamat or Mauvin Godinho or Luizinha Faleiro?
I am sure if Goans in these countries were asked if the would like to see a Hoan Politician as Chief Guest,100% of them would say "NO".
So it seems like , the only beneficiaries, of inviting these Corrupt Goan Politicians are the Organisers.
Now What is the benefit to the organisers.? I am sure the 100% of Goans in the Gulf will all conclude that the organisers are in some sort of dubious and corrupt relationship with the Goan Politicians.
Now many again will ask ...what is the the reward to the organisers for this invitation.? It certainly must be "Black Finance or Money" .
Are these Orgaznisers putting all their time and efforts for free, and in the noble cause of Charity.? Again I doubt it.
There must be another motivation for their efforts.

dlp said...

Mr. Shyam Sawant,

This kaxttikar Simon is a coward. I dared him to come forward and comment against his attackers if he had any guts. Instead, he ran to one of the lawyers in Goa for advice. If Simon was smart, he would have thought deep before threatening NG with with his imaginery Cyber Court. Or did he mean Cyber Cafe from where he was sending the message? This guy is a typical "Simon Says". Let's put our hands in the air, Simple Simon says. And move them about, Simple Simon Says..... and blah blah. I still want him to respond to our comments if he has got guts.

Diogo Fichardo said...

NILESH GAONKAR will be ideal guest to be invited rather than the politicians of Goa

Salvador Seraulim said...

 @DLP instead he ended up at Saibaba's shrine looking for his little red shampdi and ended up at Saibab's court. "Decknaslole daikelem ani sol pasun chabelem".

Papa Razi said...

Poor Nilesh Gaokar must not be wearing a Kaxtti like the Chief Simon of Qatar. That's the difference. Kaxttiwala Simon is OBC therefore knows how to tie his kaxtti around the neck of the dirty politicians of Goa. Kudos to Nilesh for his bravery, the villagers of Cavrem salutes you and we Goenkars all over.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Shyam:
It would be very worrying, "if" the people (Doha Goans) that attended  the May Ball  organised by Goan Welfare Association, spent their hard earned money, to come and specially see "ONLY" the Goan Politicians.
I doubt this is the case.I am sure the Guests had more sense than the organsers.
So I fail to see the purpose of bringing over these Criminal Goan Politicians.
There is something "fishy" about the GWA organisers.Perhaps some decent & honest Doha Goans might be able to tell us more.
In Goa people come to see the Politicians because the get free food and booze.In the bargain they also get / receive goodies, like saris, rice seeds, gas cylinders etc.
Churchill on his Birthday , gave away various goods to people,,,but not from his pocket, but the Goan Taxpayers.
Is this genorisity or pure bribery?.
Perhaps the Goan Welfare Association of Doha and their President will be able to answer this more succinitly / precisely.
I also do not believe and never will, that bringing in a Corrupt and criminal Goan Politician to raise funds for a charity back in Goa,will increase the funding or contributions. I believe and all logic tells me the presence of these Corrupt Politicians "will not" increase contributions.
Since the GWA is not a transparent organisation,it will never be known how much the Politicians contributed towards the Charity or Charities, with the money they are well known to carry illegaly in their "Samsonite" or Louis Vuitton suitacses from Goa.
The mathematics of the Politicians and organisers works like this;
Steal the money from Goa.Take it to Doha: Give it to the GWA;Send it back to Goa in the name of Charity. Get an undeserved award for philantrophy.


angela said...

Hey Guys, I have read your comments, No personal remarks. In Qatar there are two May balls, that 's nice, it gives us all a chance to choice which one we want to go to. Stop trying to degrade a person on his caste or religion. You all who disagree with GWA, form your own club. This is a free world, the choice is yours whether you want to attend the GWA dance or the Doha Goans Dance. This is the way of goans, alway trying to pull someone who is doing anything good. In the gulf everyone is busy working, and no one has time for any activities. So learn to appreciate when someone is working hard and doing something good. Did Simon come and ask you all for money? And you Mr.Fernandes, I assume you are from UK, what do you really know about Qatar and the goans here.?

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Angela:

I think you take a short-sighted and biased view.

I have plenty of friends from both Goa and the UK that  work  and live in Qatar.So I hope this answers  one of your questions.

I am happy and always pleased to see Goan Organisations, organise various functions for the Goan Community in different parts of the world.I have been part of the Goan Community in East Africa and now in London / UK.

What I find very distasteful, is that the Organisations in The Gulf Countries have a strange "LOVE AFFAIR", with the corrupt Politicians.
Do you realise that you are in Qatar , due to the corruption &mis-management of Goa by the Politicians invited to the Gulf ?Ask you parents, friends,forefathers or others, why they find temselves in Qatar. 

Could you explain to me or us , what is the star attraction, or relevance, of inviting Corrupt Criminal Goan Politician to grace Mayballs in Qatar? what do these Politicians, many who have criminal cases pending in Courts in Goa bring to the Mayball.Are you happy to tell your kids (if you have any) or even your friends from other communities that attend these functions, that the Chief Guest is a Smuggler,Money Launderer,Extortionist,Goonda,rapist?

Would you personally invite the Devil , Satan or Lucifer  to sit at the head of your table at Christmas or Easter ? 
Would you like your  kids to follow the examples of the Chief Guests, considering the Gulf organisers like placing them (Chief Guests) on a HIGH ALTAR.Do kids ever ask or will they ever ask who are these Chief Guests?
You certainly will not be telling them, they are Father Christmas or a bunch of Easter or Mayball Bunnies.

Goans around the world also have to work hard.It is not just Goans in Qatar that work hard.
Please look around you.No Goan Organisation around the world, invite Corrupt & criminal Goan Politicians to be a Chief Guest.
So why do the Organisations like the GWA, you mention do so.?
It is a simple  answer...."Birds of the same feather flock together".
 And Simon D`silva, who likes to be called President of GWA, but hates criticism is demonstrating he is one of them.There are "rumors" in Qatar that his Organisation (GWA) is not transparent and funds are allegedly is mis-appropriated. His "assets & honours"  in Goa may reveal a few "home truths".He is certainly no "Mother Theresa" 
I have no doubts in my mind, that Simon D`silva ,as President or  even as a common Goan individual,likes to demonstrate to Goans in Qatar, he is very influential or has good influence with Corrupt & criminal Goan Politicians.He also reaps benefits for himself  back in Goa.
In conclusion, I hope you as a hard working person, has not spent you hard earned money just to see the Criminal Goan Politicans invited as a Chief Guest.I am positive you spent you moey to have a good time .
Finally ask your self...Can the Qatar Mayballs, be organised & successful (like elswhere) ,without a Corrupt, criminal & bad example  Goan Politician?...and who is it that brings them to Qatar and for what purpose & why.?


Dalia said...

Angela, with due respect, the matter is not about caste or religion. It is about falling down on knees and inviting corrupt politicians ovearseas to be the Thief Guests. Don't you have someone with good character to be a Chief Guest? Don't you spend on these politicians to maintain and oil them for their stay as guests? Think twice.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Angela,
To answer some of your other questions...
No,  President Simon D`silva of GWA has not come to me, to personally ask for any money.
Knowing the type of people & criminals he likes to associate himself  with, and which he has demonstrated openly with his invitations, calculating what his ulterior motives are,what his agenda is, what his end game is,I would not part with even 1 Paisa.
I am free to make MORAL & CONSCIENTIOUS choices in what you yourself , describe as a "FREEWORLD".
I would rather give my hard earned  money directly to a Charitable organisation, and, which I do many times, rather than have it collected by Simon D`silva and his Organisation for personal benefit rather than in the disguise of CHARITY.
In a recent comment , here on NG, it has been stated, that from all the money collected by the GWA , only a paltry ,fraction and small percentage was actually given to Charity or Charities in Goa.
Please ask this President of GWA, when you next meet him & whom you seem to adore, what is the purpose of bringing in a Guest from Goa, who is usually an MLA and who has has been indicted in criminal activities.
There is also no shortage of International Criminal Guests that you may wish to recomend to him.
Here is a small list.

Baba Ramdev
Shashikala Kokodkar
Naguesh Karmali.
Col. Ghadaffi
Ratko Mladic
Mr Mubarak & fly
Osama bin Ladens wives.

Lets hope after all the hard work you do in Qatar, you will be happy to be seen in the company of and dancing & socialising with the above Guests , In aid of, Charity for the President of GWA Simon D`silva.

Choriscar said...

@ dlp he has replied in Angela's name. 

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

Angela : As a women and mother I do not and would not like
my family associating with Goa's corrupt Politicians. Neither will we attend
any function where these politicians are invited as Chief Guests. Inviting
these politicians only endorsers their corrupt criminal ways. Unless the
invitee has something  or  are hand in glove  such Politicians would never be united .

Cast and Religion is used as a lame excuse to defend ones stupid

Where were these "Chief Guest politicians" and
Goan Police hiding on 6th June  when Saffron
dressed BJP,MGP and other Non-Goan  Goondas
stoned Buses with our children in it while going to school?

Before inviting Goan Politicians abroad think of the poor defenceless
Goans and their suffering at the hands of  the rich crooked Politicians. 

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