MAPUSA: Farmers opposed to the proposed airport at Mopa village in North Goa, on Wednesday stopped government officials, who were to carry out demarcation of the land for the purpose of acquisition, from proceeding to the proposed airport site.
Mopa Vimantal Piditt Xetkari Samiti (MVPXS), also called the Committee of Mopa Airport Affected Farmers, claimed that the land is being acquired illegally, without taking the owners into confidence, for this green-field project.
The Samiti has also demanded that they be adequately compensated for their land that is being taken away from them. They are not happy with the compensation being presently offered to them and have therefore expressed their resentment over the project.
The convenor of MVPXS, Mr Sandip Kambli, said that the aggrieved villagers stopped the government team of two engineers, a forest guard and four labourers at Varkhand village on Wednesday, when they were on their way to the Mopa plateau.
"We asked them to show the legal documents required for land acquisition. They had nothing to show, so we asked them to go back," he said. Locals allege that government has already begun marking the trees to be axed for the airport project, though the land acquisition proceedings have been challenged before the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court.
"Locals would have to adopt violent means, if government officers tried to bulldoze their way to the plateau using police or any other force," Mr Kambli warned.
According to the committee, the project which will come up on Goa-Maharashtra border will affect some 15,000 people, most of them farmers or living off the land.
Mr Kambli said that Goa’s existing Dabolim airport was within 100 km of Mopa site, while another proposed airport, in Maharashtra’s Chippi village, would be just another 150 km away.
Airports so close to each other would not be feasible, he said. Interestingly, while the central and state governments are in favour of the Mopa airport, the state government is in the process of acquiring a vast track of land on the Mopa plateau when ironically, the site of the proposed Mopa airport is along the Goa-Maharashtra border.


D.Justin said...

Congrulations to the farmers opposing the Mopa Airport for stopping the government servants. Do not forget most of the Goans are with you, when the government officials comes next time, chop off their heads and send to DI gandu at margao.

Papa Razi said...

The farmers of Goa should take the example of the recent happenings in Noida where Mayawati cheated the farmers of their land and sold it to real estate agents. They are weeping and crying. Goan farmers have been cheated by the Congress ministries form a long time. It is now or never. The Dabolim airport is centrally located and enough for the Goans to cater to their needs. We don't want ghantis and foreign tourists to fly to Mopa and develop Maharashtra and destroy Goa with our own hands.

Trevor said...

May God be with these farmers. They fight for all of us. They fight for Goa. It gives me hope, that some of our brothers and sisters may not have had a chance to have an education, but they do not lack intelligence. They know what is going to destroy us!!! This shows that, that illiterate CHORchill, lacks intelligence, and is working for Delhi, as do the 40 CHORs with their leader Cowmuth! Where are the Paid Agents of Delhi, the Freedole Farters????? We all know who they work for? We are not stupid. This is 'dirty' India....this is what Rahul Ghandi is talking about!!! It is happening to us and has been happening to us for the last 49 years! Goa is being destroyed. We had one traitor that if he had his way would have finished us Goans. Only Dr Sequeira saved us then. God Bless his soul. How long are we going to have to fight every day. India knows that some day we are going to get tired and we are going to give in. Sadly this is our destiny now that we are Indian Occupied Goa. May God help us!

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