MARGAO: Another drama by Digambar Kamat and his pet, G P Naik has just surfaced in Goa. Suspended prior to two days of his retirement, after serving for additional two years a special favour by the Chief Minister of Goa, G. P. Naik suddenly seems to have fallen seriously sick and is admitted in the ICU.
Goa has seen lot of such incidents, more recently, when sometime back Mickky Pacheco too had feigned sickness to avoid arrest. History is repeating itself in Goa quite often now a days.
The Chief Minister of Goa too seems to have a good hold on all the DRAMAS that are enacted with his blessings by the politicians or caught up government servants.
Others of the same brand who had visited Naik at his residence came to a conclusion that Naik was dejected and demoralised, that gave him a high blood pressure.
Meanwhile, the government’s decision to place the district Collector under suspension appears to have been questioned by Goa Civil Services officers. In fact, moments after the Chief Minister announced his decision to place Naik under suspension, Goa Civil Services officers sought to know the grounds and the rationale behind the decision to suspend the district collector.
The foolish chief minister of Goa does not even know how to cover up illegalities that are committed by his pets and then resorts to wrong procedures and ways. Can the chief minister justify his action against his pet Naik? Can the CM put a stop to all these dramas that they enact so foolishly?


Chorchill Kamat 69 said...

Apnachem Paap Konnakuch Bogsonam
Bor & Dir:- Dick-amber Kamat

Gobor said...

The Velips claim that this is another case of an overdose of Viagra. Continuing service beyond 60 to please his bum-chums Digu and Chaaarchill.  
The Velips never had an overdose of uraq.

Gobor said...

DIGU  and dramatics ???  WHy do you think he is holding the Arts and Culture portfolio?

dlp said...

These high BP's or chest pain always happens to the corrupt ones. They keep on looting and enjoying poor peoples' money and when they are caught for corruption or any misdeeds, their BP goes haywire, their once "chest out' gets chest pain and so on and on. This was the case with Mickey Mouse, Chorchil and many others.

Emediavoice said...

There exist a villa called "MORGUE" for  the prolific  pretenders or Goan Politicians at Bambolim. Any comments? Free of Charge. Booking restricted.

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