MARGAO: The chief of the minorities cell of the BJP, Shaikh Jina, threw down the gauntlet at PWD minister Churchill Alemao on Wednesday daring him to resign and get re-elected from Navelim constituency to prove his innocence in the alleged fraud in the PWD that the Benaulim MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco has accused him of.
"Instead of just refuting the allegations, Alemao should resign and contest again from Navelim to prove that he is clean," Jina said, while addressing a press conference, adding that the BJP would ensure his defeat in the next elections.
Jina was referring to the complaint lodged by Pacheco with the crime branch last month against Alemao alleging that the latter has caused a loss to the state exchequer amounting to crores of rupees by violating Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) guidelines and the central public works department (CPWD) manual to manipulate PWD tenders.
"All these years, Alemao has not brought about any real development of the constituency. Whatever he has done in the name of development, like building bridges and roads, was centred around his personal development. He has never given a thought to the real needs of the people," Jina said.
In an attempt to drive home his point, Jina gave the instance of a school building at Rumdamol, the foundation stone for which was laid some six years ago at the hands of the then Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro. "Though the school building is ready in all aspects since long, the PWD minister is delaying its inauguration fearing that the credit for it would go to Luizinho. By harbouring such narrow interests, Churchill is depriving the children of the village of their educational needs," Jina said.
Referring to distribution of grants to several self help groups on the occasion of Alemao's birthday on Monday, Jina sarcastically said that the formation of self help groups cannot be a measure of development undertaken by him.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Come on Mr Churchill Alemao.Tell us why you did not innagurate this  this school yet.?Lack of money? Lack of a commission? Lack of your family name being honoured? Lack of vote bank migrants to school here? Lack of your Dubai Goans pimps children,willing to study here? Revenge for The Goan Welfare association of Doha Qatar and Simon D`silva inviting your enemy Luzinho Faleiro as Chief Guest? LAck of Goan Tiatrists singing your praises?
Non Receipts of Commissions from the Rahejas?
The Herald Newspaper will give you as many pages & advertisment space as you like to make your statement.
You could also use the services of one of your  so called  highly educated daughters Valanka to Socially Engineer your statement.
We are not demanding your statement in English.we are aware you are handicapped in this language.But do try Konkani or Marathi or even Portuguese.Urdu would be interesting and Swahili even more
Niz Goenkar will employ transalators to do the needful.
I am sure a few paryers to Our Lady of Valiankani, will help with you statement.

Jinayahan-marnakahan said...

Who is jina fooling? Is it not through jina's hands that 5 crores were given to Churchill to defeat luizinho in last elections. Wasn't a deal struck that churchill with save goa support BJP to form the Goverment in the later 2 and half years.   Congress kept the gun on Churchill and he had to join congress. But the now cash loaded churchill it seems has returned the money.  I don not know whether he paid the interest. but his parting words to parrikar were  "maka disqualify kortai, tuka ani kitem support kor munnta?"

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