MARGAO: The PWD Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao, on Wednesday accused the former chief minister, Dr Willfred D’Souza, of trying to create obstacles in the developmental works at Saligao, mentioning that Dr D’souza had asked him to cancel the market project tender. 
Mr Alemao said that the market was not developed for the last 40 years, however, when the PWD decided to develop the market, Dr Willy asked him to cancel the tender, which he (Churchill) rejected outright, saying that the government doesn’t discriminate against any constituency even if it is represented by legislators of the opposition.
He said the Congress is committed to develop all the constituencies following the directions from the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson, Ms Sonia Gandhi, not to discriminate against any constituency, as development has to reach all Goans.
The PWD Minister said that this is the reason the Congress has done well in zilla panchayat elections, the municipal elections and will do well in the forthcoming assembly elections. He said its is high time for Dr D’Souza to retire from politics and further accused Dr Willy of doing nothing for the people, and instead staying in politics for his own interests.
On the English as a medium of instruction issue, he said he is confident that the decision will be in favour of providing grants to English medium schools as well. He said his supporting English is not politically motivated, but is for the betterment of the people and said, "I am taking it up as I want the backward people to benefit. Lets us have an opinion poll and more than 90 per cent of the people will vote for English," he said.


D.Justin said...

Chorchill is a mad dog barking to every shadow. The time is come for the mad dog to rest in mental clinic.

A to Z said...

Chorchill if you are in politics today and a minister it s due to Dr. Wilfred D'Souza. You should wash his feet and drink that water. No doubt I curse Dr. Willy for doing that as he has given us VODLO CHOR in you. If Goa and Salcette in particular is in this mess today its because of you. You are disgrace to Goa & Goans. Time for you to quit politics. And don't think of getting your daughter into politics cause she isn't any better.

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

There is no need of an opinion poll to decide on the medium of instruction issue. It is a simple issue, should be decided by the State Cabinet. The decision should not be imposed by command, whether High or Low.

It is learnt that the medium of instruction in Kendriya Vidyalayas and Bal Bhavan schools is English. And THEY RECEIVE GRANTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Why can't the grants-in-aid be extended to ALL schools with English as the medium of instruction? Are the grants meant for a select few?

Mathew said...

The Varca Pig is now fooling the people of North Goa in the
name of Development Work. He has to get enough votes to win the next assembly election
to be in power and "LOOT" more. He knows that he is not going to win
in Navelim and Curtorim.

N.Fernandes-London said...

The only sound & valid reason that Churchill had to develop Saligao Market is to ensure that he got his commission.
If there was no Commission, he surely would have looked elsewhere.
Remember , he has to keep his agents in Dubai and Qatar happy,so that they are still respectful of him and he can continue fooling Goans in Goa that he is is loved & cherished by every Goan in the Gulf.
I think the Goans in Goa are much more aware of his deceit.

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