A little belated, but never too late, to congratulate the Goan Welfare Society of Kuwait for an outstanding May Ball Held on May 12th, 2011. The occasion was an outstanding success and was thoroughly enjoyed by each and every one. All news reports have highly praised the occasion and efficiency of the Kuwait Organisers.
Thanks, & Congratulations to Sydney Furtado and his Team for this splendid occasion. The Chief Guest on this occasion, was the Mr Vidhu P. Nair, Charge d`Affaires, Indian Embassy-Kuwait.
Astrid Bothelo, was crowned as the MAY QUEEN. Congratulations Niz Goenkars around the world, send commiserations to all other participants too. This occasion, did not have any uneducated, or Corrupt Chief Guest imported from Goa.
This goes to show, to other Goan Organisations around the Gulf Region, and notably Doha, that Goans do not want these rogues imported from Goa to grace their occasions. The do not add any moral or spiritual value. Neither are they “Beauties”, in any sense of the word , male or female.
Goans around the world, do not understand or comprehend, what is the “STAR” value or “STAR ATTRACTION” of uneducated, illiterate & corrupt Goan MLA`s as Chief Guests.
Most Goans attending these functions do so, to have a great time, dining, dancing and socializing with their friends, and to also keep abreast and share any news from Goa.
They attend these functions in the spirit of the Community. They share it with other communities too.
Other communities that attend these Goan functions, where Criminals MLA`s are invited from Goa, are mystified.Additionaly, other communities have no interest In these Goan MLA`s
I hope the President of the Goan Welfare Association of Doha -Qatar, Mr Simon D`Silva along with Blake Vaz of Attic Outdoor LLC, can explain to all Goans what is the star value of Corrupt Goans MLA`s.
There is absolutely no doubt, that the Goans attending these functions, have not attended these functions, to see the likes of Mr Churchill Alemao, Valanka Alemao, Babush Monseratte or the likes of them.
Goans all around the World, see these Goan MLA`s as no more than crooks, looters and criminals.  So what is the wisdom of Goan Welfare Assoc. of Doha-Qatar or Attic outdoor LLC. Do they lack education in Good Ethics & common decency.
It can be none other than, these guys (organisations) wishing to associate with criminal MLA`s for their own selfish interests, back in Goa. They are stooges & beneficiaries’ and parasites of the wealth looted from Goans, by the MLA`s.
Their motives are ulterior. The Organisers expect to receive Merit Awards in Goa from these Goan Political Scumbags.
I have no doubt in my own mind, that the Organisers of the GWA (Doha) and ATTIC OUTDOORS LLC, have major financial and real estate interests back in Goa, that are well nursed, nourished and fed in Goa, by the Politicians they invite.
The Politicians they invite, in the name & disguise of charity for poor Goans, in Goa, is in fact, a disguise for their own personal Charity and topping of their wealth.The Politicians allow them to by-pass Legal and administrative hurdles
I dare ,The President of the GWA Doha –Qatar, Simon D`Silva and Blake Vaz of Attic Outdoors LLC to explain their motives and reasons on Niz Goenkar or anywhere else for inviting the Corrupt and thieving Goan Politicians.
If they are unable to, in all reasonableness, justify & explain the invitations they extend ,to Goan Politicians, then they must be viewed as agents of financial conspiracies & improprieties.
If they are in an open and democratic Organisation, then surely, they can and must be accountable.  The could alternatively, remove the name Goan, and then form a new Organisation called….”MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES ORGANISATION” Doha-Qatar or DUBAI


Papa Razi said...

Kuwaiti Goans proved that they are not dictated by kaxttikars!

N.Fernandes-London said...


A to Z said...

The only reason they call corrupt ministers like Chorchill from Goa as as a Chief  Guest is for publicity. But the organisers do not have brains that it is a reflection of their personality. Birds of feather flock together. Mr. Fernandes congratulations on this beautiful article. Hope some sense filter down the Gulf Goans brains.

Anan Desai Mopa said...

 Goan Politicians are the scrums of the earth, inviting them will tarnish your entire community.

N.Fernandes-London said...

ANAND; Many of these functions organised in the Gulf region are attended by other communities too.
Many of these Organisations use the word GOAN. Aded to the word Goan is "WELFARE", "COMMUNITY","SODALITY" etc.
If I was a "non-Goan", attending one of these Goan Functions,and, at being  told that the "GOAN CHIEF GUEST" is a corrupt individual back in Goa, it would lower my estimate of the Goan Community.
Holding Goan Politicians in high esteem ,specailly when they have alleged criminality or criminal convictions pending against them, is a bad reflection on Goan Society.
Simon D`silva,Blake Vaz and the likes of him ,who like the term PRESIDENT,must take responsibility for their actions and decisions.
I really wonder how Simon or Blake would feel if I brought Mahanand Naik , a serial killer and murderer or Michael Fernandes, another classic history sheeter or even Edino Carvalho the Swindon Murderer, to one of their Private Parties?
I doubt they would be pleased , and neither would the guests.
I have no doubt in my mind, that the 2 erstwhile Presidents of these Goan organisations in Dubai & Doha, have tacit complacency (close ulterior connections)  and are conduits of  these corrupt Goan Polticians.
Goans will have absolutely "no objections" if the 2 organiers mentioned, invite these Goan crooks to a Private Party in their homes.Inviting them to a Public Goan fuction is objectionable.
Forget Goans from other parts of Goa. I am sure Goans from the villages or Constituencies of these rogues too ,detest the Guests.
Simon and Blake forget that the reason they are in the Gulf is because the Criminal Chief Guests they import from Goa sent them or forced them to go there in the first place.The Guests could do nothing for them in Goa in terms of a jo
b or decent living.It is amusing how their conscience has changed after earning a few Rials / Dinars Dhirams.
In my estimate, Simon D`silva and Blake Vaz  must be individuals of  "low calibre morals" and traitors of the  Ordinary Goan .
While Goans in Goa are crying out loud for jobs, equality and justice, these 2 have decided to felicitate and garland corrupt Politicians, who have raped Goa.
Do their hearts bleed, or are they now bleeding Gulf Goans ,in the name of Goan Charity, and more likely, for  their own personal charity & benefit and aggrandisement and grandeur.

albert said...

all u guys r scumbags .......u guys talk crap sumtimes no doubt they r corrupt......but trust me if one of u was in their place u wud have been the same.............our goan should stop abusing our own goans ....stop the crab mentality and jealousy a goan and im not proud to be one seeing comments like these from our own goans........everyone is not perfect ...u guys must have 100% done corrupted stuff in ur life for sure ..................stop critisizing for once and support ur fellow goans .......................we need to support each other no matter what and remember the organisers did this fior doubt any organisation has events to make money  so that it can stand................please stop accusing .Ive realised all NRI goans talk crap u guys NEEED A LIFE

albert said...

ur a looser ....rem ur cookoo.dnt worry abt the ministers  ...worry abt urself.........u talk so much of goa...WATT THE FUCK R U DOING IN THE GULF

N.Fernandes-London said...

To Albert:
Before you start jumping , you might want to consider walking first.
However I am sure after you take some time, to read the article (link provided below),you may end up crawling.

The reason why people are in the Gulf, is because the Corrupt Ministers that you adore most reverently & demonstrate here in you comment, have forced people to  go there to feed their stomachs & those of their families.
Here is the link for your education:

I await your respose.

N.Fernandes-London said...

To Albert:

I can see you are defending the Goan Organisations in the Gulf region.
I guess you also are based or workig in the Gulf, at present, from your silly comment above.

This is in contradiction to this comment ,,,,"u talk so much of Goa...WATT THE F******K R U DOING IN THE GULF ", whichy you have also made.
I suspect you are not fully aware or sufficiently educated, to understand the true nature of some Organisations in the Gulf Region.
Hopefully you will read , if you have the ability &(unlike the way you write) the link I have provided for your education.
If not here it is again....  


Oliver Masky said...

@ N Fernandes not sure what crap Albert is talking about AtoZ being in the Gulf while he himself is in the region. 

Justin Da Sa Oman said...

Albert is one of the same crab mentality member and  Crumb eater of Churchill.

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